123rf get 1 hour

123RF was founded in 2005 by Andy and Stephanie Sitt, founders of Inmagine. They named the company after its licensing system. To clarify, “RF” in “123RF” means “Royalty-free“, a type of license, that aptly represents the company’s licensing system.

Since the company received a new CEO leadership in 2019, it has focused on expanding to international markets. Now, 123RF employs more than 200 individuals and accepts work from over 300,000 creative contributors.

All this allowed this stock photo agency to almost double its media library to a whopping 110+ million pieces of content and 12,000,000+ active monthly users.

Images on 123RF are of good quality, both technically and artistically. With over 90,000 new pieces of content added daily, its library contains more than 180 million creative works. Therefore, by considering the numbers alone, you should never run out of content to download.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

In addition to this, all content, including images, is checked for technical quality and value. Thus, you’ll seldom find a piece of content, that you’ll have no use for.

Images are available in various sizes and under several licenses. The price in credits depends on which size or license you choose. However, by using a subscription plan you can download any image size as long as it’s licensed under a Royalty-free license.