adobe stock hour 2

Better still, Stock has some really cool features that integrate the service with all of your favorite tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as impressive new Visual Search capabilities to make it easy to use and fast to find the perfect image for your needs. You can search, edit and license right inside your apps, using advanced filters to discover the perfect asset.

The Stock integration with the CC tools is very helpful and a big time saver. For example, you could do a quick search to find a dozen Stock images to try out and see which one works best. You can drag them all into Photoshop and then continue to edit and manipulate your composi­tion.

Then when you’re done and have decided which ones to keep, just tell Photoshop to license them – and those preview images will be seamlessly replaced with the full-quality, non-water­marked versions, while retaining all of your edits without missing a beat!

An independent research report found that “Adobe Stock provides tight integration with Creative Cloud applications that resulted on average in 10x efficiency gains over working with common stock image services in the benchmarks conducted for this research. Productivity gains measured in these benchmarks are very significant.”

This can save you serious time: “… licensing, replacing, and making multiple image adjustments takes 42 seconds in Adobe Stock, versus 7 minutes and 16 seconds with other stock providers.”