Best Windows 10 Features That You Should Try It In 2020

Hello everyone, today I am goanna to show you top best windows 10 Features that you should try it in your new computer. These features are really helpful for you, if you are discovering new features in windows 10 latest version, so this article is for you. It’s helps you to easily find what’s new in windows 10 may update 2020.

Best Windows 10 Features

1. New Cortana

2. Some apps icons are changed

3. Minor changes in settings Menu

4. Dark Mode in All UI

5. Windows INK workspace

6. Pre-build Microsoft Edge browser

7. Gaming Menu

1. New Cortana

As you know that Microsoft team are promised to user, we are made something different in cortana. After the release new windows10 may update, you can see that cortana ui is change. We know that cortana will help us as a personal assistant, we can discover everything in easily way with the help of cortana.

But in the new version of windows 10, cortana has more powerful. It’s also made simple UI; you can easily handle your personal assistance (cortana).

You can easily assist your assistance; it means you can able to drag and drop cortana as you can see in image. We know that cortana will work on internet connection, so we need internet connection to run cortana. So, I recommended you to on your assistance (Cortana).

2. Apps icons

After you install windows 10 may update 2020, you can see that Microsoft team has changed some apps icon and UI. We can also see that latest version have more powerful as compare to previous version.

In the latest version some apps icons are changed like calendar icon, camera, groove music and etc. Also, it can be changed UI and layouts, it’s made simple and secure UI.

Microsoft team provide to give a feedback about new windows 10 may update, that feedback help to build windows 10 more better as compare to previous.

3. Settings Menu

After you go in setting menu, then you can see many minor improvements are there. In windows update section, Microsoft team are giving an option to enable or disable your system update.

Sometimes, windows update is run automatically and he feed your all data pack instantly. But in version that problem is solved, you can set adjust active hours to reduce disruption. But window update is needed to maintain system health and it’s kept your system secure.

You can also use some theme and layouts, that’s are help you to reduce battery consumption.

4. Dark Mode in All UI

If you want to enable dark mode, so this setting is for you. You can easily enable dark mode in personalization menu, it’s helps you to convert your device into dark mode.

Dark mode is supported in all system UI like file manager, setting, cortana and etc. it’s also helps to improve your system battery performance, it’s kept your battery secure and healthy.

5. Windows INK workspace

Windows INK is very special and unique features, it provides to share your system screen to others. It also helps you to take Fullscreen snip and whiteboard.

As you know that many users are don’t know, how to get screenshot in pc without using any software. But windows INK will help you to get screenshot in easily way. It’s works on offline; it’s means you do not need any internet connection to get screenshot with Fullscreen snip.

You can also find it in notification panel, it means screen snip is also available in windows notification panel. It’s helps you to take your screen snip, so I recommended you to try this feature.

6. Pre-build Microsoft Edge browser

As you know that Microsoft team are announced, we give to pre-install Microsoft edge browser. It’s very good and fast browser in pc. If you are browsed in your pc, so I recommended you to try edge browser.

You can easily browse anything with edge browser, it’s simple and secure. But google chrome is also good browser for pc, you can also try that.

Microsoft set edge browser as a default browser, you can change it in setting option and set another browser as you like it.

7. Gaming Menu

If you are game lover, so this setting is for you. As you know that many high graphic games are run in computer and laptops, and that game need higher requirements. But Microsoft Xbox is the solution of your problem, that help you to play high graphics game in low end systems.

It provides Xbox game bar to customize your game keyboard shortcut, it’s also given an option to capture your game play. Game mode is helps you to optimize your game according to your PC.

That is also provide you to Xbox networking, this will help you to your game live multi-player. It’s also helps to boost your game performance.

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