Crunchyroll 1

Anime streaming services have made it even easier to access anime, and more often than not, we get to watch anime the same day it releases in Japan thanks to simulcasting.

All of the screenshots in this post were taken from my Crunchyroll account. I have the Crunchyroll app on PS5, Xbox, and Switch. The screenshots I included are taken from the PS5 app unless otherwise noted.

I have been watching anime since the 90s, so needless to say, I have watched a lot of anime. It’s been amazing to see anime grow to the popularity it has in recent years and how easy it has become to stream our favorite anime series, whether it be from the comfort of our home or on the go.

Users of the premium subscription can also stream content in High Definition and all the latest series without waiting for a week after their release. Additionally, users can also download their favorite episodes on their mobile devices to watch them later when they don’t have an internet connection.

Overall, whether you choose Crunchyroll free or premium depends on your preferences and your budget. If you’re an occasional viewer, the free version will work fine, but if you’re a passionate anime fan, then Crunchyroll Premium is definitely worth the investment. It offers exclusive access to the latest episodes of a series, HD quality streaming, ad-free experience, and much more.