curiosity stream get 1 hour

Although CuriosityStream is first and foremost a video streaming service, it also fits into the edutainment category, given its focus. Other edutainment services are generally more expensive. 

MasterClass, for example, also offers informational content at a higher price point ($15 per month for an individual account). While MasterClass is more instructive, CuriosityStream is more informative:

You apply the information acquired through a documentary differently than the information acquired from a series of instructional videos. The Great Courses Plus costs $20 a month, $45 for three months, or $150 for the whole year.

Netflix has plenty of documentaries in its content library, but most of these are reality TV (Tiger King), biographies of currently famous people and social & political commentary.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

CuriosityStream documentaries however, are almost exclusively about science, history, animals & the natural world, psychology, biographies of historical figures, arts, health etc.

It’s comparable to CuriosityStream and offers informational, documentary-style videos, some of which are produced in collaboration with National Geographic and the History Channel. We watched a few free video lectures(Opens in a new window) from the Great Courses Plus, and while they sparked our interest, we don’t think we would pay nearly 10 times more each month than we would with CuriosityStream for access.