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The streaming service also appeals to people who miss the old Discovery Channel or History, and want documentaries of similar or better quality on an on-demand basis.

Finally, a CuriosityStream subscription can make a great gift for someone who loves documentaries.

Parents are another core demographic of CuriosityStream. The vast majority of documentaries are very child friendly, fun and easy to follow. This makes them a great learning supplement for parents who want their kids to discover more about subjects that aren’t studied much in school, if at all.

CuriosityStream’s library features an impressive 3,000 titles, 900 of which are exclusives. According to a representative, the company plans to expand its streaming library to 11,000 premium titles within five years, an ambitious undertaking that could make sticking with the service worthwhile.

Currently, CuriosityStream offers documentaries in categories such as History, Kids, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, Society, and Technology.

Explore food with History of Food and Happiness Is on the Plate. Dive into the physical aspect of who you are with The Body. For a sports series on two Florida high school football teams that battle for supremacy, look no further than 4th and Forever: Muck City