hour 1

Designmaker, a cornerstone of versatility, empowers the creation of designs from scratch or through smart templates, nurturing the boundless expanse of creative expression. Speechmaker, yet another facet, redefines voiceovers by analyzing scripts and refining tone and pitch, adding a distinctive auditory layer to your creations.

Complementing these mainstays are assistive tools that blend seamlessly with your design odyssey:

Font Pairer, a font connoisseur’s dream, aids in the discovery of harmonious font combinations. The Color Matcher, akin to a digital painter’s palette, assists in identifying complementary colors that infuse vibrancy into your designs.

Graphicmaker provides a launchpad for personalized graphics, where templates serve as malleable foundations for your imaginative aspirations. Social Calendar, attuned to the pulse of modern digital existence, offers a strategic approach to scheduling social media endeavors.

The editor simply requires you to click on buttons or drag sliders, and it will automatically make all the changes to your logo design. Beyond changing the colour, name, and fonts, you can choose the layout of the logo, change its size, or add containers (shapes) around it.

When you’re happy with the result, you can proceed to the final step, and that’s downloading the logo. You get a choice to either download the logo for free or pay $30 to build your entire brand around it.

Choosing the free version instantly downloads a zip file containing JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG versions of your logo, which you can immediately start using.