Epidemic sound get 1 hour

Finally, when it comes to music licensing, it’s always important to find a company that produces in close cooperation with the musicians. When buying finished tracks, there is always a chance that someone that has been involved in the production is part of a P.R.O (collecting societies of royalties).

In other words, the service does not negotiate rights with any performing rights organization (PRO) and instead manages intellectual property rights, copyright licensing, and distribution of money itself. This means that Epidemic Sound can get exciting new artists, provide a wider range of licensing options for users, and integrate better with social media platforms for content creators of all types.

If that happens, then the music library does not actually own all the rights to the music. This could definitely lead to some issues for you.

As far as I know, Epidemic has a dedicated producer with every musician that helps them through the production process, so they have the best rights coverage of all providers out there.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

Through its streaming platform, Epidemic Sound curates several playlists that are constantly updated as new composers and musicians submit music. Basic users can listen to this music for free, but other subscription levels allow users to download songs and integrate them with online content.

Epidemic Sound takes upfront fees for the content, which are distributed to artists; then, artists are also paid 50 percent of the streaming revenue fee. This allows new and less famous musicians and composers to build an audience while receiving fair income.