Epidemic sound hour 1

Since Epidemic Sound gears their platform toward content creators, they also specialize in sync licenses. This is a type of music license that allows the user to take an existing piece of music and add it to an original audio-visual composition.

Filmmakers, television producers, video game creators, and even some corporate presentation makers get sync licenses so they can use a song alongside the visuals they create. For many online content creators, the sync license is exactly what you need, so you can use a song with your TikTok or YouTube video, Twitch streaming channel, Instagram story, or Facebook Live stream.

The stock music website uses a subscription-based model which boasts a massive library of over 100,000 tracks and counting. This allows you to create rich sounding, high-impact videos.

Also, while Epidemic Sound holds the rights to all the music in its library, it gives half of the streaming revenue straight to the composers. We think that’s pretty cool. 👍

Connecting your social media channels to the Epidemic Sound app is another great way to use their service. This allows you to stream your content live on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

As I just mentioned, their library of quality music is one of the best and most extensive on the Internet. Best of all, it covers nearly any genre you can think of. From classical to trap to Muzak, It’s not difficult to find just the right piece to accentuate all of your amazing travel footage.