Felix Rom For J2 Prime|100% Stable

Hello, Viewers Today I am going to show you, Felix Rom, for j2 prime. In this room, lots of customization and modding available. In previous Felix Rom have lots of bugs but in this Felix new version, there are no bugs. Felix Rom modded and customization by this developer J2 prime reborn group.

I am introducing new Felix rom features at one is the best customization in this version available. In this Felix have new seven style navbar features available. That one is the best customization in the market available. These features are awesome and this is working well in this Felix rom navbar is one of the features of daily use. In the rom and this is available in this rom.

What’s New

In this Felix rom lots of new features available that are nice working and good look device performance. The first one is the wallpaper. All the changed developers added nice wallpaper that looks great. The developer added a battery bar feature added that one is great and nice work.

And the second feature is navigation bar pulse features. This is the best and great look in this rom but has some bugs appear. Like systemui has stopped working sometimes. That could not work properly sometimes try to restart the device to fix this issue.

The third one is settings, that are very useful features. Because this one is expanded blur setting this feature blur systemui to expand. And look great when you expand systemui and some setting and this feature like everyone. I am also like this feature this is working fine and no have bugs.

Tips About Felix

Felixrom are also working well in gaming performance, you are playing high graphics games like player unknown battleground and call of duty mobile these games are working as a butter. In this rom fix, every bug is developer work very hard and import lots of customization and great look.

We are added one of the best Samsung great features that are always on display. The developer was very hard to work comfortably for all devices. This one is best and a device like great and awesome, in this aod, has no bug, and that works fine.

You can easily switch this feature in-display section setting, in aod lot of clock style available and that looks awesome. After installing this, you can also notice that the battery backup is great and after full charge battery, you can easily handle your device up to 6 to 7 hours.

  • Multi-window
  • Volte
  • New Icon
  • New Keyboard
  • Multi-Users

What Something New

Developers are also added miui 10 style systemui. Which gives a full experience like the original miui 10 device. It also added pixel systemui style. This also gives a full pure experience pixel device and looks great work, you can easily switch these options in the aroma section.

We have also added a new google pixel icon these icons are recently launched by Google. These look nice and full pixel icons. Also added new launcher that also launched by google after switching this launcher your device looks like a pro.

You can see in the setting options that all the icons are changed into the pixel icon format. These look like something awesome. In about device section new Felix logo is added.

About Kernel

In the aroma section, we have added three kernels. That’s all are optional, you can choose any you want to like it. The developer is recommended you to choose turbo kernel. So, the better option is going through a turbo kernel.

You can see there are three kernels are given in aroma option. One is the stock kernel, hades kernel, and the last one is turbo kernel.

After you choose turbo kernel you can see your device performance boost to the next level. Also, five multi-touch points are working fine, you can check these points by the multi-touch tester apk.

Flex Rom For J2 Prime

In turbo kernel, developers have increased performance by the over-clocked up to 1.60GHZ. Because we need to increases performance in the j2 prime device. We are the test benchmark by AnTuTu Benchmark apk, the overall performances are very good. Turbo kernel is better to work as compared to the stock kernel.