(Fix) This device does not meet minimum requirements in Call of duty Mobile

Hello Friends, Today I am Going to Show You. How Fix this device does not meet minimum requirements in Call of duty Mobile . So, let’s start now. So, first of all, we talk about Call of duty Game. What kind of features Is added and? We are also talking CODM Vs PUBG mobile or PUBG Lite. We talk to call of duty is beta under testing in India. And another country like Brazil and China, Canada Etc.

What’s New In Call Of Duty Mobile

Here we are explaining to you of Player Unknown Battle Ground Vs Call of Duty. Before I explain these two things you must know these points. And topics you know codm is under beta testing they can’t Release final version. But the Game company told codm l00aunching at maybe the end of 2019. Codm is the best game and the main thing is this is not an addictive game. Like player unknown battleground or other game.

But pubg is not fully addictive but you are play for a limit time. Last month you can read newspapers many children suicide due to the play an online game. This game is built and developed by Tencent Gaming Buddy. This a Chinese company, you are shocked pubg is ban in china country. And other many countries and ban this in some states in India.

But after Tencent company looks up these types of problem, then they set a play time limit in player unknown battle ground. After play PUBG mobile in last two hours, then you can see that given a warning notice. But you couldn’t stop too play game, then after continue playing for six hours then your Id will ban for next 24 hours. It means you are unable to play player unknown battle ground mobile for 24 hours. It means six hours is the last warning that given by PUBG mobile, after that your id will be ban for next 24 hours.

You can also notice that while playing player unknown battle ground, the time of blue zone is reduced. It means blue zone is appear after the sometime of interval as compare to previous blue zone. Also gaming bots are reduced, it means while you play PUBG or CODM, then you will notice that many bots are came in your lobby.

How to fix this device does not meet minimum requirement in call of Duty mobile

Call of duty mobile is the second largest mobile game, but it is launched recently and it will be famous in less time. As you know call of duty mobile is recently launched by the Tencent company, in very less time it will become second largest game in the mobile world. It also consumes less power as compare to player unknown battle ground, also it is suitable for low end devices like 1GB ram and 2GB ram. While playing call of duty mobile, one thing you will notice that, your device produces less heating as compare to player unknown battle ground.

Call of duty will also provide with high gaming graphics and best gaming experience, it is also stable for low end devices or budget phones. You can experience same features as compare to player unknown battle ground; it means everything is common like PUBG mobile.

If you are new user in call of duty mobile, then you will unable to play battle ground mode. It means first you will complete almost seven level, then your battle ground mode is on.

Call of Duty Vs PUBG Mobile

In this paragraph, we are talking about codm VS pubg. And we know that codm is not final realize. But pubg resale in 2017 means pubg is a very old game comparison codm. And this game is under beta testing in Canada. We are starting to discuss this game. First, we know that pubg is a very addictive game and just Tencent company launched pubg mobile lite. And this is not addictive. And also call of duty is not addictive.

Because there is any zone like blue and red zone in pubg. And some features are removed like online server talk friend of a friend in pubg mobile. We are creating a squad and each squad has 4 players.

This device does not meet minimum requirements in Call of duty Mobile

  • Download GL Tool then install
  • Open gl tool
  • Then choose arch64 in device section
  • Then restart your device… enjoy

But in codm, these features are also available. And you know pubg provided 100 players with your continent and zone. We kill off all 99 players to win the match. And this match time is almost 15-20 minutes.

But in codm, there is no features in this game. Your match time is maybe 10-15 minutes and the main point is this no addictive game. So, students can play this game in an easy way not only students anybody plays. This game and this are very smooth with no lag game.

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