Flaticon hour 1

Freepik.com and Flaticon.com both impose daily download limits based on user types to prevent irresponsible use of assets. On Freepik.com, non-registered users can download three resources per day,

while registered free users have a limit of 10 resources per day. Premium users enjoy a higher limit of 100 daily downloads, with multiple downloads of the same file counting only once.

In contrast, Flaticon.com allows non-registered users to download 10 icons per day, registered free users to access 100 icons per day, and Premium users to download up to 2000 icons daily.

Both websites reset these limits daily. Flaticon.com also restricts Icon Collection creation; non-registered users can create one collection, registered free users can create three collections with 50 icons each, and Premium users can create unlimited collections with up to 256 icons each.

It works just like any other AI image generator, allowing you to enter the text describing the image you want to create. You can also opt between five styles, including photo, generic, digital art, painting, and 3D.