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Now that you know how easy Epidemic Sound is to use, you’ll be able to find the perfect music and sound for our latest contest. No Film School has partnered with Epidemic Sound to bring you the “At the End of the Tunnel” Short Film Contest.

You could win a Sony a6000 to shoot your next project, along with up to six months of free access to Epidemic Sound’s amazing library of royalty-free music and sound effects to add those important final touches.

Epidemic Sound has even curated an exclusive album for No Film School users to use in the contest. Feel free to pull from these curated tracks, or explore the Epidemic Sound catalog on your own!

Creating content isn’t easy, but anything worth doing is worth doing well. That means using the right tools and setting yourself up for success before you even get started. In the content creation world, that often takes the form of pre-production, market research, or even case studies—depending on the type of content you’re creating. When you’re thinking about your production values, schedule, audience, and release, you’re compiling dozens of tiny, critical elements that all add up to “doing something well.” There are niche worlds that exist for optimizing all of these critical elements, and one of them is royalty-free music.

Online content has touched almost every industry, and some depend on it entirely. Beyond YouTube and movie theaters, agencies, organizations, schools, and products all rely on compelling audiovisual content to share their messages and keep their stories front of mind. Collectively, consumers are a tough audience: you have to entertain them with your content before they’ll even consider engaging with your product or service—and even then, there are no guarantees.

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About Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound was founded in 2009 and was made to buck the limitations of traditional music licensing. It exists to help content creators and brands license soundtracks and sound effects easily.

The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Seoul, with headquarters in Stockholm. They want music to travel freely and fairly around the world. They have partnered with asset platforms, social networks, and video apps to make the Epidemic Sound catalog internationally available.

Epidemic Sound is known for high-quality music, which includes over 160 genres produced and performed by professional musicians, composers, and engineers.

They own all the rights to this music, so Epidemic Sound users never have to worry about copyright claims. The music is cleared for worldwide use, forever.

Epidemic Sound has also created a network for its community to fuel creative and commercial success. Everyone enjoys access to world-class music, without complexity.

Epidemic Sound offers three different plans; Personal, Commercial, and Enterprise. Let’s check out two of them in more detail.

Where Royalty-Free Music Comes In

So, if everyone has a camera, some lights, and an NLE, what does that mean for individual creators? It means you’re playing a numbers game, and while you can’t rig the system, you can set yourself up for a greater chance of success by optimizing how you work.

When it comes to royalty-free music, an entire niche industry has evolved around adding music to everything from your personal vlog to the latest blockbuster. That means that music licensing agreements and pricing structures and music libraries have all developed in the hopes of beating out competitors and getting their music in your project. And we get that: we’re part of the game. We’ve been at this for a while, and as we watch our industry evolve, we have to take a necessary look at what everyone else is doing and how it measures up to our approach.

In that spirit, we decided to take a look at one of the industry’s standouts: Epidemic Sound. We’re going to look at the two music libraries, pricing models, quality of music, and search experiences to see if we’re hitting our mark or if there’s something that needs improvement. So, with that said, let’s compare PremiumBeat vs. Epidemic Sound.

Single Purchase Standard License

Most royalty-free music libraries divide their licenses up according to how you intend to use them. If you’re simply licensing music for a personal project or something you intend to stream for views only (not sales or advertising), this involves a simpler agreement, so your out-of-pocket price is lower. If you intend to use a royalty-free track to earn money via advertising or some other model, the agreement is a little more complex, so the price is a little higher.

PremiumBeat is no different. We offer both non-commercial and commercial projects because many content creators aren’t monetizing their projects yet. So, we offer a model that will save you money until you’re ready to step up into the monetized content world. If you need only a single track (not a subscription) for a project you’re not monetizing, you can go with our Single Purchase Standard License. It’s $49 USD, and you can use the track in however many projects you like in perpetuity—the agreement doesn’t expire.

This option is specifically for online projects. Each track you download includes shorts, loops, and stems. This means you can edit the music to make a truly one-of-a-kind sound. Licensing a track this way is quick and easy, and it makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to save money and spend some real production hours on only one project at a time.

Monthly Subscription

If you’re working a little more quickly, or perhaps juggling more than one project at a time, it makes sense to be able to download multiple tracks without buying a standard license over and over. We’ve bundled these multiple downloads together and made them available as a monthly subscription plan, and it is, by far, our most popular model. The subscription gives you five downloads per month at only $12.99 USD each—a substantial savings over the standard license cost for all five.

We also believe in serving up music for only as long as you need. Most royalty-free music libraries tie you up for a full year. We know that production periods come and go, so our term is only for three months. That way you can subscribe when it makes sense and unsubscribe when it doesn’t. These downloads all include full tracks (.wav and .mp3), and they also come with shorts, loops, and stems for full customization.

Epidemic Sound Pricing

Epidemic Sound also offers multiple licensing options. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Personal Plan
  • Commercial Plan
  • Custom Plan

Epidemic Sound’s membership options all offer you limitless downloads, which is great if you have the budget for a recurring monthly subscription (you’ll need to be prepared for a minimum of a year-long agreement). If you have enough recurring projects that you need lots of tracks and SFX, then these models make a lot of sense.

The Personal Plan is $15.00 USD per month (you can save some money if you pay for the full year in advance). It covers YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and podcasts. The Commercial Plan is $49.00 USD per month (again, you can save some money if you pay for the entire year in advance), and it covers everything from the Personal Plan as well as all other online platforms (and monetization). If you want to take your tracks to TV, you’ll need the Custom Plan. The Custom Plan price isn’t disclosed—you’ll need to contact Epidemic Sound for a quote.

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