GrowthBar Seo hour 1

To be fair to GrowthBar however, this is often the case with SEO tools — the traffic estimates you get from Ahrefs and Semrush can be inaccurate at times too. So, regardless of the SEO tool being used, it’s generally best to use traffic estimates as indicators of trends rather than absolute gospel.

But that said, the traffic estimates I got bore from GrowthBar so little resemblance to the site data I had access to that I’d probably be inclined to ignore them.

Overall, you’ll find that GrowthBar’s Site Inspector gives you the key information you’ll need to sense check a website’s SEO condition — either yours or a competitor’s

but I would like to see one metric added: a ‘total backlinks’ figure that lets you see exactly how many backlinks point to the website you enter.

By using GrowthBar‘s Keyword Research Tool, businesses, and individuals can ensure that their content is optimized for search engines and has the best chance of reaching their target audience.

In others, you need to click on a plus symbol on the strip to see the data. Doing so brings up a box containing the relevant metrics.