Hades Rom Performance Final V5 For J2 Prime

Hello friends, if you are a j2 prime user and you are looking for best custom rom for j2 prime device. Then you are in right place, today i am gonna to show you Hades rom performance final v5 for j2 prime. This is one of the best custom rom for j2 prime.

But it have some bugs and sometines it behave like laggy. But overall performance is best, so you can use it in your daily life. Also it have more usefull features like dpi changer and etc.

The developer said, he try to build new rom that is hades rom performance final v5.5 for j2 prime. This is develop by rad tan.

What’s New In Hades Rom Performance Final V5


0. Free 3gb storage

1. Increase productivity – Increase upload and download speed

2. Increased touch sensitivity – Use Phonex Kernel V5 for better multi-touch

3. Battery is not as buffalo as stock but looks good (opinion)

4. Integrated Phonex Kernel V5 and Turbo Kernel V5.8

5. Will add Spectrum app to increase gaming performance

7. The sound is louder and clearer

6. Added the apps you need from the previous versions because I deleted them – App: SamsungAccount_Grace …

7. Add App to choose from: Google Camera, Dolby Atmos

How to install rom

1, Download ROM

2. Go to TWRP

3. Go to Format Data> Yes

4. Continue to go to TWRP> Wipe> Select the first 4 boxes> Wipe Select ROM> Flash> Continue Install


1. When watching Vanced Youtube video or Facebook Lite, you will get jerky video delay and the temporary fix is ​​to go back and re-enter the video.

Hades Rom Performance Final V5

2. When setting the lock screen to unlock, there will be an error (so do not set the lock screen)

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