How To Increase SmartPhone Performance In 2021

Hi there, today I am goanna to show you, top 10 android app which helps to increase your smartphone ram performance. Theses apps are creating virtual memory in android device for gives extra performance, theses apps are very useful for low end devices.

Increase Your Smart phone performance In 2021

Free Swapper for Root

Swapper – Create SWAP Memory

XBooster ROOT – Smart app

Convert Memory to RAM

AMemoryBoost (Swap enabler)

LagFix (fstrim) Trimmer

Easily fill RAM!

3C CPU Manager (root)

Kernel Manager (ROOT)


ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is a ram extender app, which helps to increase your ram performance and its capacities. It’s also works on rooted or non-rooted devices. If you face low ram problem in your android devices then switch this app, roehsoft ram extender which help to make it easier life.

This app also gets your SD card to create virtual ram, it means you can also add your SD card in ram. ROEHSOFT Ram extender help to create virtual ram through SD card, but not every SD card support this app. I recommended you to buy class 10 SD card for better speed.

This app also works on non-rooted device, you can easily use this app on any android version like lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and pie.

Free Swapper for Root

Free swapper for root another one of the best ram extender app, which helps to swap your memory to convert into ram. It means this app helps to extent your ram manage performance, after that your phone gives more performance as compare to previous. But this app only works on rooted device, you must have rooted device.

This app swaps your memory in SD card without formatting any data, it’s very useful for 1Gb Mobile ram. It’s simply added and swap your memory without swap partition on SD card.

This app is also available on play store, so you can easily download it from play store. You can also reconfigure if you must change swipe size.

Swapper – Create SWAP Memory

Swapper create SWAP memory with swapper, you will be able to create swap memory with swapper. It is very easy to create your swap memory for android; it makes your life easier. You know without root your device, you can not able to swap memory, but this swapper app will provide you to create swap memory for android device.

If one time swap you memory then increase your android phone performance, this means that your device has not yet need to use swap memory. Then increase priority of uses, this will make android gave a greater performance to swap memory.

XBooster ROOT – Smart app

XBooster is a tiny yet powerful app that boost your android device performance, this app is a simple UI and layouts. Which helps to make your device faster and smoother, XBooster is also available on google play store, you can easily download it from play store.

This app run on any rooted device, you can also use this app in lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and pie.

Here are some unique features of XBooster app, which helps to do better like and make it your device faster. Those people want to play HD games, so I recommended you to download this app and make your device smoother.

DRC (dynamic ram calculation)
Intelligently changes minfree values according to device’s hardware.
Option to apply last selected profile for restore previous settings

Option to lock launcher in memory, they give more performance

Fast reading/writing speed from to SD card in gaming

Convert Memory to RAM

Convert memory to ram is a best app to convert your internal memory in ram, which allow to give extra performance during game play and another heavier task. You can easily increase your ram up to 2gb, for optimal and fast performance.

This app help to convert your internal memory to ram up to 2gb, which is boost your android device up to next level.

You can also make or use your pen drive as a ram because, this app will help you to convert your pen drive in ram. After that you can play many games as you want, you can also play player unknown battle ground, free fire and etc.

AMemory Boost (Swap enabler)

AMemory an easy tool to increase your ram memory and boost your device, you know ram play very important role in mobile device. It means you need more memory to do any heavier task into in your device, AMemory will you help you to make a speed up device.

If you not have any enough memory in your device, then you can not use any app in proper way. But sometimes it delays in some process, sometimes you can see your due to enough memory in your device, then some apps are stopped working due to less ram in your device. Also, they are not work correctly.

Lag Fix (fstrim) Trimmer

Lag fix is another tiny famous app, which helps to make lag free your device just in one click. It is the very simple ui and easy to use, this will also work on non-rooted device. They give an option to trim your cache and unwanted data.

You can able to boost your device in just one click, you just click one tap to reduce lag problem in your device. It’s saved your smart phone life for overheating problem.

Lag free will provide you to user friendly interference and implementation of fstrim utility, it’s allowed you to select which partition you want to trim it.

Easily fill RAM!

Easily fill ram is one of the best solutions for those who face low memory problem, it helps you to fill your memory. And easily reproduce more ram in low memory situation, they help you to clear unused memory in your device.

It also saves your battery and boost your battery performance; it makes it your phone work faster.

3C CPU Manager (root)

3C CPU Manager is the must have CPU control app for root users, it is controlling your CPU and it try to release more memory from CPU. It releases all unused memory, and speed up your phone.

3C CPU Manger is require a root device to offer to get a simple UI yet powerful interference to control your CPU and gnu configurations.

It is also boosting your kernel, such as GPU frequency, CPU frequency and governor, it also configures thermal configuration.

Kernel Manager (ROOT)

Kernel manager is the best android kernel setting manager, which helps to change your kernel settings. With kernel manager you can easily change your GPU and CPU frequency.

You can also change your I/O scheduler algorithm and manage advanced setting of them. This app requires root access and busy box on run.

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