Increase J2 Prime Internal Storage / Step By Step Guide

J2 prime internal storage, many users struggle about that problem. But that can’t find proper solution about that, so today i am gonna to tech you best methods to increase j2 internal storage. So, hello guys i’m Deepak Singh and today you have chance to learn something unique or different, So let’s start now.

So, first off all almost 90% j2 prime users struggle with J2 prime internal storage. But don’t worry today we will clear all the points and steps to increase and manage your j2 prime storage.

Why this internel storage problem come in J2 prime?

Everyone just ask your self why this could be happen with your device, if you ask this question with me then my answer is very simple that one is, due to lack of storage given by samsung, second one due to j2 prime is a budget phone and common answer is due to old model because many app are run upto 7+ android versions and applications size is also increases and many other things.

But Samsung launches two varient in j2 prime first one is 8Gb storage varient and second one is 12GB stoeage varient. Those users buy 12GB varient they do not faces lack of storage problem.

As you know that almost 60% + buy 8GB varitent, so this is reason to solve this problem in j2 prime phones. There are many ways to sovle this, we are discuss all things step by step.

1. We Can Solve J2 Prime Storage Problem By lucky Patcher

As you know that lucky pather is most powerfull tool to patch anything but at this time. We are discuss about storage. So you need to download lucky patcher and install it in your device.

All the step are given in below, so do that carefully. If anything goes wrong into your device then Dk technical mate is not responssible for that. So do that at your own risk.

  • After download you can see tool box option that can appear in below.
  • After open tool box you can see odex tab. So click on that and your idex process will start. This can take time so you can until finish.

2. We Can Also Solve This By using 3c tool box

3c tool box, i hope many users are already know that about this app. If you know that then comment me ” yes i know that ” and if you do not know about that then continue your reading.

This is very simple steps to do that by 3c tool box, you need to follow some steps and then you able to solve your broblem. But you need to dowoad and install 3c tool box in your device.

  • Open 3c tool box app
  • After open app, 3c tool box ask to grant super user access. So, click on grant.
  • Then go to manage option, that appear in right top bar in 3c tool boc app
  • After that, click on device manager tab
  • After that, choose one-click option that appear in top bar
  • After that, there are two option you can see, first one is (de) odex rom and second one is manage. So you click on (de) odex option.
  • Then choose odex in operation tab, and on /system/app and /system/pri-app. After done this then, click on ok this can take some time so you can wait and after finish restart your deice.

This step can help you to increase your j2 prime internnal storage upto 25%

3. We can also do that manully by assayyed kitchen

if you want to do that manually, so you need to learn some basic knowledge that tool. But i share all steps, so you can easily do that. But there are some requirements in this method. First you need a laptop, or pc.

You need to download assayyed kitchen tool into your pc. You can also install java jre and others tool like netframework 3.5 for your pc.

You can paste your rom in work folder which you want to increase space. Then run assauyed kitchen. Apart from that you can also put your project name and other thing thar asked by assayyed tool.

  • Setup your project in assauyed kitchen
  • Then, extract your source in working folder, you can easily do that by assayyed tool.
  • Then you can look on assayyed tool, there are an option do highly debload your files and app. So choose that option.
  • after that assayyed kitchen can easily remove your junk app and after finish create your project in zip format and then flash it by TWRP recovery.

So, that’s are some method to increase your j2 prime intetnal storage, i hope you like this article. We are probvide one custom rom for j2 prime that have much more space free in ths rom.