LinkedIn Learning get 1 hour

While browsing courses, you can click the Save icon to bookmark the ones you’re interested in.

When you click on a course, there’s the video on the left-hand side and a column of information on the right-hand side that includes details such as a course description, learning objectives, instructor, course length, skills covered, etc. 

Most of Linkedin Learning’s courses have high production value and look very professional (great lighting, camera, audio, positioning, etc.), while others rely more on presentation slides.

Of course, this varies based on the professor. They are all experts in their field so the content is always good, but the presentation of it may vary slightly. 

You have to wait 35 seconds.

Not just anyone can become a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and these are not homemade videos. People who want to become an instructor must apply, submit a video sample, and if approved, work with LinkedIn’s in-house production team to create videos for their course.

Unfortunately, no. LinkedIn Learning does provide certificates of completion once you’ve watched every video associated with a course, but you cannot use these certificates as transferable credits in colleges or universities.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no LinkedIn Learning certificate value, however. You can still add certificates to your resume or CV. Sometimes, you can even use certificates as CEUs (continuing education units) to help you maintain your professional certifications.