Milliters To Cups Converter – Conver ml to cups

Milliters To Cups Converter – Conver ml to cups Please provide values below to convert milliliter [mL] to cup (US)

500 ml to cups

500 ml to cups = 2.11338 cups

750 ml to cups

750 ml to cups = 3.1700646 cups

250 ml to cups

250 ml to cups = 1.0566875 cups

300 ml to cups

300 ml to cups = 1.268025 cups

How to Convert Milliliters to Cups

To convert a milliliter measurement to a cup measurement, multiply the volume by the conversion ratio.

Since one milliliter is equal to 0.004227 cups, you can use this simple formula to convert:cups = milliliters × 0.004227

The volume in cups is equal to the milliliters multiplied by 0.004227.For example, here’s how to convert 500 milliliters to cups using the formula above.500 ml = (500 × 0.004227) = 2.113376 c

conversion scale showing milliliters and equivalent cups volume values

Milliliters and cups are both units used to measure volume. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

ml into cups

ml to cups
ml to cups

The metric system is the most common system of measurement around the world. The only nations that do not use the metric system are the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia.

The U.S. system of weights and measures is based on the imperial system, also known as the British Imperial System (Great Britain abolished the imperial system in 1965). The metric system primarily measures ingredients by weight, while the imperial system measures ingredients by volume, making conversions between them especially tricky when it comes to cooking and baking.

How many mL in a cup?

A US cup measures 236.6 milliliters (mL). If you’re in Canada or another Commonwealth country, your cup will likely be the metric cup, which measures 250mL. If you’re referencing a pre-1970s UK recipe, the cup measurement referenced may be an imperial cup size of 284mL.

Cups and mL conversion chart

Cups (US)mL
1/4 cup59 mL
1/3 cup79 mL
1/2 cup118 mL
2/3 cup158 mL
3/4 cup177 mL
1 cup237 mL
1 1/2 cups355 mL
2 cups473 mL
Figures are rounded. US cup.

mL and cups conversion chart

MillilitersCupsCups (fraction approx)
100 mL0.42 cups2/5 cup
150 mL0.64 cups2/3 cup
200 mL0.85 Cups4/5 cup
250 mL1.06 cups1 and 1/20 cup
300 mL1.27 Cups1 and 1/4 cups
350 mL1.48 Cups1 and 1/2 cups
400 mL1.69 Cups1 and 2/3 cups
450 mL1.9 Cups1 and 9/10 cups
500 mL2.11 Cups2 and 1/10 cups
550 mL2.32 Cups2 and 1/3 cups
600 mL2.54 Cups2 and 1/2 cups
650 mL2.75 Cups2 and 3/4 cups
700 mL2.96 Cups3 cups
750 mL3.17 Cups3 and 1/5 cups

How to convert mL to cups

A US cup measures 236.6mL. To convert milliliters to cups, divide your mL figure by 236.6.

How Many ml is Cups

1 legal U.S. cup = 240 milliliters
1 customary U.S. cup = 236.59 milliliters
1 imperial cup = 284.13 milliliters
1 metric cup = 250 milliliters

how many ounces in a cup

how many ounces in a cup
how many ounces in a cup

Remember the measurements next time you’re counting ounces in a cup: 

  • 1 cup = 8 fluid ounces, 16 tablespoons 
  • ¾ cup = 6 fluid ounces, 12 tablespoons 
  • ½ cup = 4 fluid ounces, 8 tablespoons 
  • ¼ cup = 2 fluid ounces, 4 tablespoons 
  • 1 cup = 4.5 dry weight ounces (It’s for dry ingredients such as flour) 

Please note that not all ingredient measurements are equal. For example, if you need 4 ounces of coconut milk to make a smoothie or 4 ounces of chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookies, the measurement would be different in both cases.

Dry and liquid ounces are not the same, so if you’re dealing with dry ingredients, you’ll measure it by weight. If using liquid ingredients, we measure them in fluid ounces.

There is a significant difference between fluid and dry ounces, so always check the ingredients and accurately measure before making any recipe

Volume (liquid)
US CustomaryMetric
1/8 teaspoon.6 ml
1/4 teaspoon1.2 ml
1/2 teaspoon2.5 ml
3/4 teaspoon3.7 ml
1 teaspoon5 ml
1 tablespoon15 ml
2 tablespoon or 1 fluid ounce30 ml
1/4 cup or 2 fluid ounces59 ml
1/3 cup79 ml
1/2 cup118 ml
2/3 cup158 ml
3/4 cup177 ml
1 cup or 8 fluid ounces237 ml
2 cups or 1 pint473 ml
4 cups or 1 quart946 ml
8 cups or 1/2 gallon1.9 liters
1 gallon3.8 liters
Weight (mass)
US contemporary (ounces)Metric (grams)
1/2 ounce14 grams
1 ounce28 grams
3 ounces85 grams
3.53 ounces100 grams
4 ounces113 grams
8 ounces227 grams
12 ounces340 grams
16 ounces or 1 pound454 grams
Oven Temperatures
US contemporaryMetric
250° F121° C
300° F149° C
350° F177° C
400° F204° C
450° F232° C
Volume Equivalents (liquid)*
3 teaspoons1 tablespoon0.5 fluid ounce
2 tablespoons1/8 cup1 fluid ounce
4 tablespoons1/4 cup2 fluid ounces
5 1/3 tablespoons1/3 cup2.7 fluid ounces
8 tablespoons1/2 cup4 fluid ounces
12 tablespoons3/4 cup6 fluid ounces
16 tablespoons1 cup8 fluid ounces
2 cups1 pint16 fluid ounces
2 pints1 quart32 fluid ounces
4 quarts1 gallon128 fluid ounces

FAQs On ml to cups

1 cup in oz

8 fluid ounces

how many grams are in a cup

1 grams = 1/2 cup

ounce to cup

Liquid measuring cups indicate that 1 cup = 8 ounces. But what they really mean is 1 cup of liquid = 8 fluid ounces.

how many tablespoons are in an ounce

If you need to know how many tablespoons in an ounce, you can use a conversion table or calculator to find out. There are 2 tablespoons in an ounce. So for 2 ounces, you will need 4 tablespoons, for 4 ounces 8 tablespoons, for 6 ounces 12 tablespoons, for 8 ounces 16 tablespoons, for 10 ounces 20 tablespoons.

How to Convert Milliliter to Cup (US)

1 mL = 0.0042267528 cup (US)
1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 mL

Example: convert 15 mL to cup (US):
15 mL = 15 × 0.0042267528 cup (US) = 0.0634012926 cup (US)