Moz get 1 hour

The web application tracks the performance of all inbound marketing efforts comprehensively using a suite of tools (more on them later).

You get information on how people share your content via social channels and how this drives traffic to your site.

However, Moz does offer a variety of how-to guides, beginner’s guides, SEO Q&A, webinars, the SEO learning center, and Moz Academy to help beginners, and even experienced SEOs, learn information and techniques to help their strategies.

Moz Pro also crawls each page and offers site monitoring warnings for issues affecting page authority and crawl depth.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

Here’s our favorite feature — Moz includes a Priority Score that gives you the bottom line on whether a keyword is worth chasing.

Moz calculates this score using a metric you set on how important a specific keyword is to your business, based on your expertise.

Keyword Explorer lets you find better keyword opportunities with thousands of suggestions and by comparing the keywords for which websites rank well — all from fresh search data that’s less than 2 weeks old.

As we’ve found with a lot of the software we’ve been reviewing lately, there seems to be an issue with information overload for new users.

Moz is no stranger to this. If someone is new to using search engine optimization software all together, it’s easy to understand why such a robust tool would be intimidating.