moz hour 2

The platform adopts a proactive approach to tracking unlinked mentions and competitive link opportunities, giving you comprehensive data on keywords.

Moz Pro lets you know what online users see by tracking national and local keyword searches across Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

As the marketing technology industry exploded, Moz developed a number of SEO tools to help marketers attract more traffic. The market then shifted toward end-to-end SEO software that could handle everything from technical crawling to content management, leaving Moz in an identity crisis.

After a few experimental forays into social media and content marketing, Moz has doubled down on its Pro suite of SEO solutions. It retains its reputation for bringing SEO to the masses without dumbing it down, but can Moz’s tools still compete with the new industry leaders?

Further, Moz pro can help you rank target keywords by auditing your page content and recommending improvements.

This tool also gives users insight to competitive backlink opportunities. Paying close attention to these recommendations and implementing change based on suggestions from Moz may help your website’s authority score increase. 

If you’ve been reading the Greyphin blog, then you’re well aware of the importance of backlinking for your SEO strategy.

Moz SEO’s link research and backlink analysis tool will analyze the current backlinks to your website and give you recommendations based on the authority these links provide to your website.