Persona 5 Exam Answers List And Guide

Much like in real life, Persona 5 Exam Answers randomly put you on the spot during class – while regular exams have you sit through multiple questions at once across several school days.

However, if you previously played Persona 5 and consider that sufficient studying, guess again. Persona 5 Royal overhauls this, giving you a near completely different set of class and exam questions than the original version. Some of them now fit the story better, while all of them still teach you interesting trivia about Japan and the wider world.

Additionally, Persona 5 Royal now has segments in which you help our fellow Phantom Thief, Ann when she gets asked a question. Just like when Morgana helps you with essay questions during exams, those questions come in multiple parts. It’s worth taking the time to get these questions right as correct answers increase your Knowledge, an important social stat.

This page has a complete list of Persona 5 Royal test answers to help you ace every question thrown your way.

Some days you’ll be asked a general knowledge question, and on others, you’ll have to sit through dreaded exams. Answering these questions correctly increases your Knowledge stat by a small amount, and getting high scores on your exams increases your Charm stat by a good amount. You’ll also receive a reward from Sojiro back at Leblanc if you talk to him after your exam results are posted.

There are also times where you’ll be asked to help out your classmates with a particular question. In these scenarios, choosing the correct answers will bolster your relationship with that character, and you’ll still get a small increase to Knowledge.

Below, we’ve listed all question and exam answers for Persona 5 Royal.

How Do You Get Top of the Class in Persona 5 Royal

Here’s how to get top exam marks in Persona 5 Royal:

In order to be top of the class in Persona 5 Royal, you’ll need to satisfy these two requirements:

  1. Answer all exam questions correctly.
  2. Your Knowledge Level must be maxed. This is impossible to achieve in time for your first exam — even if you spend every second of free time studying. In order to top the class for every exam, you’ll need to start New Game + with your Knowledge Level already maxed.

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Benefits of Persona 5 Exam Answers Results

Getting good results in the exams will make the Protagonist gain the following:

Exam ScoreSocial Stat Boost
Slightly Above AverageCharm +2
Top 10Charm +3

What Is Persona 5 Exam Answers

The way this works is simple. As you work through P5R’s story, you’ll occasionally be asked questions in school at ‘random’ by the teacher – though in the game, these aren’t random but are set events on certain dats. In addition to this, at some points you’ll have to sit exams, which feature a mix of all-new questions and flashbacks to early class questions. Knowing the complete set of Persona 5 Royal answers will make your life much easier.

As well as random school questions asked in the classroom during regular lessons, a few times a year – so a few times during Persona 5 Royal – you’ll have to take midterm exams and finals exams. Doing well in exams carries some great bonuses – so we’ve got the exam answers for you, too.

Getting questions right will raise your Knowledge stat, and certain questions will also raise other stats that are all-important for maxing out your relationships. This is a big deal in Persona 5 Royal in particular as some of those confidant storylines are now required to get the true ending of Persona 5 Royal. Doing well in exams significantly speeds up how quickly you can level these relationships up. 

Knowledge isn’t just power, but raises your popularity. Your knowledge stat also governs how well you do in the exams that you don’t have direct control over. If you want to boost it more – which may be required for exams – you can do so using our guide on how to raise Knowledge quickly, as well as the other social stats.

Persona 5 Royal School Exam Answers

Below you’ll find a list of all Persona 5 Exam Answers, organised by month in chronological order.


April 12th: Villains
April 19th: They’re the same
April 23rd: All of them
April 25th: Helping Ann: You unquestionably support it, You have a duty to correct it
April 27th: Four color theorem
April 30th: Wonder, Child, A prodigy


May 6th: Fatal woman
May 10th: The Heian period

Exams Starting May 11th

May 11th

Question 1: Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Question 2 (essay): Minamoto no Yoritomo, Yoritomo won, The weak

May 12th

Question 1: Cognition
Question 2: Both

May 13th

Question 1: The Devil’s Dictionary
Question 2: Femme Fatale

May (Continued)

May 16th: The placebo effect
May 19th: Katsushika Hokusai
May 21st: 1:1.414
May 23rd: Together, Senses, Senses coming together
May 26th: Arthur Conan Doyle
May 31st: John Silver

Persona 5 Exam Answers 1
Persona 5 Exam Answers 1


June 4th: The halo effect
June 7th: The number of legs
June 8th: Controlling public thought
June 13th: Green
June 15th: Coins
June 20th: Helping Ann: Smartphone
June 23rd: A Pope
June 27th: Dogs
June 29th: Gold


July 1st: Barbarian’s Head
July 4th: Julius and Augustus
July 7th:
 Helping Ann: The Milky Way, Traditional Food, Soumen’s Noodles
July 9th: A triangle
July 11th: Memories that last a long time, Infinite, Forever
July 12th: Thievery

Exams Starting July 13th

July 13th

Question 1: 64 degrees
Question 2 (essay): Zhuge Liang, Barbarians’ heads, To offer them instead of heads

July 14th

Question 1: Red king crab (Paralithodes)
Question 2: It caused confusion in the economy

July 15th

Question 1: Raining cats and dogs
Question 2: Demon Guts

Persona 5 Exam Answers 2
Persona 5 Exam Answers 2


September 3rd: Prosperity
September 6th: Chronostasis
September 14th: Money loans for collateral
September 17th: Cats eating human tongues
September 21st: Central Europe
September 24th: 20 white, 12 black
September 28th: Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome
September 29th: Imperial Household Agency


October 3rd: Stars
October 6th: Joseph-Ignace Guillotin
October 11th: Bouba

Exams Starting October 17th

October 17th

Question 1: 32 surfaces
Question 2 (essay): It used to be one colour, Black and white picture

October 18th

Question 1: Charles-Henri Sanson
Question 2: It’s a hereditary profession

October 19th

Question 1: Slave labor
Question 2: 3 bees in all of Europe

October (Continued)

October 22nd: 15
October 24th: Memory bias

Persona 5 Exam Answers 3
Persona 5 Exam Answers 3


November 2nd: A share of stolen goods
November 4th: A sword
November 8th: Any age
November 10th: Crow eyes are hard to see
November 12th: Because the voice is synthetic
November 14th: Because of high altitude
November 15th: His head was put on display
November 17th: Cochleoid


Exams Starting December 20th

December 20th

Question 1: D
Question 2 (essay): Over one billion yen, Having his head displayed, Public performance

December 21st

Question 1: Hearts
Question 2: Attend

December 22nd

Question 1: Japan
Question 2: Dreadnought


January 11th: Helping Ann: How numerous they are, The Eight Million Gods
January 14th: Iwate
January 18th: Impressive
January 21st: A snake
January 24th: Kind-hearted, Negative, Resentful
January 27th: To friends of friends of friends

Persona 5 Exam Answers 4
Persona 5 Exam Answers 4

Persona 5 School Exam Answers

Below is a list of all Persona 5 school exam answers. These answers are different to the ones you’ll find in Persona 5 Royal. The list is organised by month, in chronological order.


April 12th: Logic
April 19th: C
April 23rd: Singing
April 25th: Knowing your actions are wrong, Conviction that you’re right
April 27th: Four
April 30th: Wonder, Child, A prodigy


May 7th: A femme fatale
May 10th: Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Exams Starting May 11th

May 11th:

Question 1: An optical illusion
Question 2 (essay): Visual information, Brain, They have different cognitions

May 12th:

Question 1; Magistrate’s patronage
Question 2: The name of a sum of currency

May 13th:

Question 1: Ignorance
Question 2: Four

May (Continued)

May 16th: Van Gogh
May 21st: The silver ratio
May 23rd: “Together” and “senses”
May 26th: Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar
May 30th: William Kidd


June 4th: They were brightly coloured
June 7th: Hermit crab
June 8th: Dreams
June 11th: Three Olympic-sized pools
June 13th: The Government
June 15th: It’ll change colour
June 23rd: Pope Joan
June 27th: Heavy rain
June 29th: Gold


July 1st: Baozi
July 4th: Someone pretentious said so
July 7th: Soumen
July 8th: They have the same flavor
July 9th: 180 degrees
July 11th: Luciferin
July 12th: Ishikawa Goemon

Exams Starting July 13th

July 13th:
Question 1: Nouveau riche
Question 2 (essay): Gentleman thief, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, He was boiled alive

July 14th:
Question 1: It’s not related to crabs
Question 2: Television

July 15th:
Question 1: B4-size paper
Question 2: Together, Senses


September 3rd: Nothing
September 5th: Chronostasis
September 14th: The 19th century
September 17th: A cat
September 21st: Czechoslovakia
September 24th: So it shows up well on TV
September 28th: Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome
September 29th: Fishermen of Nagaragawa


October 3rd: Three watermelons in the sun
October 6th: Guillotine
October 11th: A

Exams Starting October 17th

October 17th:

Question 1: Name of the one who proposed it
Question 2 (essay): A doctor, It could execute people quickly

October 18th:

Question 1: It has 32 faces
Question 2: Slave labor

October 19th:

Question 1: Phantom Vibration Syndrome
Question 2: The Imperial Household Agency

October (Continued)

October 22nd: Five
October 24th: It’s meaningless


November 2nd: Thieves’ Cant
November 4th: The Holy Grail
November 8th: Zero
November 10th: An eye
November 12th: It’s heavily processed
November 15th: They put makeup on him
November 17th: B
November 18th: The Summit of Mt. Fuji


Exams Starting December 20th

December 20th:

Question 1: D
Question 2 (essay): Not their real voice, They speak the same, Supplement the voice

December 21st:

Question 1: Hearts
Question 2: It includes a number

December 22nd:

Question 1: Japan
Question 2: Dreadnought

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