Phoenix Kernel V6 For J2 Prime / Release Date?

Phoenix kernel, it is the one of the kernel for j2 prime device. As you know that phoenix v6 is in the under developing mode, developer can take some time to complete it.

Hello, friends i’m Deepak Singh today we are gonna to discuss all about phoenix kernel v6 and what is the release date.

I hope you are wait for phoenix kernel v6, so today i tell you when phoenix kernel totally finish to build. First i take some time to build it, so keep patience.

When phoenix kernel v6 release for j2 prime?

As you know that phoenix kernel is one of the best multi-purpose kernel for h2 prime device. We are build phoenix kernel v6, and i give you after some days. We can not mention any date to launch phoenix kernel.

I hope you are understand, to build up kernel it is a very long process. So, it can take some time. After i finish to build then i share to everyone.

What’s we are got new in phoenix kernel v6?

You got everything new as compare to previous version, it’s totally change the over-clocked frequency and also touch points. You can discover everything after released.

At this time we are change the kernel base, so you can get best overall performance. I try to build phoenix kernel v6 very fastly. I hope you keep patience.