Picsart get 2 hour

Drawing tools also push the app into Photoshop territory, with more than 20 brush types and shapes that transform on a 3D plane. You can adjust the opacity, size, and even the “squish” for the marker brush. You get 30 font choices for text overlays,

use a color picker and adjust the size to taste with a handle. You can start a drawing with or without a photo background, and the feature supports Photoshop-style layers.

Of course you also get red-eye correction, tooth whitening, stamp-and-clone, and blemish removal. The blemish tool did a good job on minor skin issues. One thing you don’t get—at least not as powerfully as in Adobe Mix and Photoshop Touch—is auto-object selection and edge detection. For example, when I brushed artificial tan onto a friend’s face,

the brown overlay affected the background as well as his skin. The cloning tool is fun, but don’t expect content-aware object removal like that in Adobe’s Photoshop and Mix.

A tools button lets you do things like crop, rotate, and resize the image, with extra tools including one that lets you crop to a specific shape. You have another button for effects with several categories such as Artistic, Paper effects, ColorSplash, and simple color corrections.

From there you can use the drawing button to draw on your image with a fully customizable paintbrush, add text, add shapes, and even overlay another photo on top of your original image.