placeit get 1 hour

A mockup is either a scale or full-sized design of a logo or a product, providing a prototype you can use to test out your design without having to keep a physical product produced.

It also allows you the ability to offer all the different products your brand has to offer without having to keep inventory on hand, saving space, man-hours, and cost.

This allows you to offer up all your brand has to offer while freeing up profits to use for other needs your business may have and allow for a larger profit margin.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

With Placeit, you can create a wide variety of products and even marketing materials. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, there is an extensive list of options available. We will go through just a few of them here.

Once the design is placed on the clothing item, you can add any text easily as well. This allows you the option to explore different fonts and font colors. You can experiment with up to 50 characters worth of text to see what looks the best.

Placeit also makes the placement of the text simple. Once entered into the text box, your text will immediately appear on the item with the freedom to change the size and location of your text. Once you’ve made a perfect size, a purple line will appear, marking the exact center of the clothing piece to make the proper placement a snap.