Publishing Failed: The Response Is Not Valid JSON response In WordPress Fix

Hello, Viewers Today I am Going to Show You How to Fix Publishing Failed, Error Message. The Response Is Not Valid JSON response this Is Error Show After You Press the Publish Button. So, In This tutorial, We Are Fix All Things in This Blog So Read Out Full Posts.

This error Show After You Can Add Cloud Flare in Your Website or Any SSL Certificate Website. So, Need to Remove Your Website in Cloudflare because WordPress Can’t detected Your Website in Cloudflare ip address, So You Already Purchase an SSL Certificate for your new Website.

As you know that, Cloudflare protect your site for unwanted traffic and block bad ip address. It means Cloudflare protect your site from dander or bad traffics, they can also block bad browser. One thing you notice that, Cloudflare also give under attack mode protection, if you on this mode then your site is fully protected from unwanted virus.

It is clear, Cloudflare play every important role in your site, so I recommended you to add Cloudflare in your site. It has provided free plan, so you can easily start your Cloudflare account through free plan and protect your site to unwanted traffics and bots.

But after you add Cloudflare in your site, so you face many errors like json response is not valid and etc. But we are learning how to fix these types of problem in WordPress website, also it is providing free ssl certificate with tls version 1.3 for extra protection.

Cloudflare give one greater feature and every one wants to use this one, that is purge cache mode. It means if you want to speedup your website then clicks on purge cache, they collect all cache into dns and then slowly-slowly they transfer cache into your main host.

What Is SSL Certificate?

As you know that ssl play very important role in WordPress websites, they protect WordPress website. SSL help to redirect http to https, it means if you are switch https, then your website is safe. You can also share your card number pin in that websites, because you are secure.

If you are adding Cloudflare in your website, then they are gives free ssl certificate with latest tls version. They are providing three types of ssl certificate, first one is flexible, second one is secure, and third one is full secure. But we are recommended you to use flexible, it is comfortable for blog website. If you have business website then, you can switch full secure ssl certificate. Full secure ssl protect more as compare to flexible ssl, but if your site is blog. Then I recommended you to use flexible ssl certificate.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This Is Protect Your Website from Danger Viruses and Also New Visitors Trust. Your website because new Visitors Are Fell Safe in Your Website this Is Compulsory to Add Your Site. They Give Ultimate Protection in Your Site and He Is Also Safe Your Site from Under Attack Mode. And Cloud flare Will Provide This Services for Free, And That Is Very Trusted Site and Also, He Provide Trusted and Genuine SSL Certificate.

How Fix Your Problem?

If You Are Face These Types Problem So Read Out Carefully. So, After You Are Get or Add Cloudflare In Your Site You Can See This Error, You Need to Install two Plugins in your WordPress. First one is Cloudflare and second one is flexible ssl Cloudflare. So, then Install and activate these two plugins. Then Link Your Cloudflare Through Global API Key, If You Are Not Understand How to Do This Step So Watch My Video Tutorial.

You can easily find your global api key in your Cloudflare account. You can see in Cloudflare account left bottom section and get your global api key. If you want to fix these types of problem then add your Cloudflare account with WordPress.

After fix the problem then go to WordPress in post section, then you can see your problem is solved.

And You Can Also Search on WordPress Community Find Your Correct Answer or If You Are Not Able to Fix This Error So the Best Option Is Contact Your Hosting Provider Service.

What is Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the content delivery network (CDN), it is mostly used by the blog website or business website. It works together with your site and your hosting provider, it simply delivery your cache into your main host service.

If you are wanting to speed up your site then, I recommended you to go with Cloudflare. It’s provided magnify unused java scripts, html, and CSS; it is also providing rocket loader mode. If you are on rocked loader then your site is speedup as compare to previous.

Cloudflare gives many advanced features, if you are blogger then I recommended you to switch all features given in below.

Flexible ssl certificate

Secure sll

Full ssl

Rocket loader

Compress all unused- java script, html and css

Purge cache

Under attack mode

Developer mode

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