skillshare hour 1

Students who are enrolled in a Skillshare course can interact with other students to share tips, talk about progress, answer each other’s questions, etc.

So along with learning from your computer or phone, you’ll have a chance to join a community of people who are interested in learning the same topics as you are. This will help you stay motivated and could even turn into networking opportunities for you.

Skillshare also offers groups around various topics you’re interested in. This allows you to meet people with similar interests and share ideas, share projects, collaborate, and more.

One of the major cons with Skillshare is something you’ll find with any of the big online learning platforms: There’s a big variance in the quality of instructors and courses. Some teachers are just much better than others.

Fortunately, you can watch intro videos before joining a course AND see past student reviews, so Skillshare does everything possible to give you the necessary info to choose great courses.

One more con that’s worth mentioning: Skillshare does not provide certificates of completion or any type of official documentation to show you’ve completed a course.

Here’s an example of a discussion from the Skillshare writer’s group, which has more than 6,600 members: