storyblocks hour 1

Storyblocks is a website offering royalty-free footage, audio, templates, and special effects. It’s an excellent source for beginners starting their YouTube or video editing careers. Best of all—you can start with a minimal budget.

In short, Storyblocks has everything a content creator needs. And the flexible licensing ensures you never get a copyright strike on YouTube.

To me, Storyblocks is the best way to start because you get everything you need for video editing. Stock footage fills gaps of what’s missing, music sets the mood, and special effects connect the video. Finally, if you don’t have a video editor, you get free with the Unlimited All Access plan.

Choosing the right subscription plan may be tricky. This article should help you make the right decision.

Storyblocks used to have a free trial option but they removed it a couple of years ago. However, since it only gave access to a video library (no audio or images) and considering the already low price of Storyblocks subscription, it’s not a big deal.

Storyblocks is a very popular site, so the content is a bit common, and sometimes you see the same footage in other people’s videos. That’s not an issue for me though, because the Storyblocks library is so big and diverse that I always find unique content for my videos there.