Top 5 Best Custom Rom For J2 Prime / 100% Stable

J2 prime is a very popular smartphone also have many custom rom, that launched by samsung in the year 2016. But it have very low specification, so today we are give some top 5 best custom rom for j2 prime. As you know that custom help you to do lots of work.

Custom rom, which helps us to boost up our device and we can also use lots of features. As you know that in j2 prime stock rom, the features is limited. So we are discuss one by one about best 5 Custom Roms for j2 prime.

Best Custom Rom For J2 Prime

5. VoLTE Stock Rom For J2 Prime

VoLTE stock rom for j2 prime, this is one of the best custom rom for j2 prime. If you are new, so i recommended you to install volte stock rom in your device.

Also, if you are stock lover, then this is also benefical for you. It’s totally base on stock. But in this rom you can get Volte calling, which means you can easily call to any person with hd voice calling.

4. Hades Rom Final For J2 Prime

As you know that hades rom final was developed by shadisnx255 in a few year ago. This is also good custom rom for j2 prime, if you want to get more customization then hades rom is perfect.

But you need to downlad hades final version very securly, because many people copy the hades rom and just change his rom name only and develop new hades. So, you can download easily in red dragon youtube channel.

3. Synex Os Rom For J2 Prime

Synex os is build by deepak singh, so you can easily use in your daily life. I rom also have lots of customization. And you can also get very smooth performance, if you can use turbo kernel with this rom. Then it may help you to get extra booat speed.

2. DNA Final Or DNA V3 Rom For J2 Prime

DNA Vesrsions rom, i think you already know about this rom. It may some people already use this rom. This is one of the best rom rom for gaming purpose and you can also get dpi changer.

Dpi changer may help tou to change your game dpi. You can also get high boosting performance and spees up. If you find gaming rom for j2 prime, then i suggest you to choose DNA versions.

1. Vibrance UX V1 Rom For J2 Prime

Vibrance UX, ir maybe many people are already kniwn this rom. This is super stable rom for j2 prime. It have many usefull customizations, it comes with the new turbo kernel.

If you can find all in one rom for j2 prime, then i recommended you to choose vibrance ux. It have both features customization as well as best gamming performance.