Top Best Custom Kernel For J2 Prime

Best custom kernel for j2 prime, every j2 prime have this question in mind. We are give you best custom kernel for j2 prime. If you have j2 prime device, then this article is very helpful for you.

Apart from that we are also introduced it’s features and power for those kernels. Android custom kernel will help you to get extra performance in your device.

As you know that, in android device everything depend on it’s kernel. It’s means, if you want to speed up your device. Then you need to change your kernel, and choose best kernel for your device.

Best Custom Kernel For J2 Prime

3. Stock Kernel that give pre-install with your device

As you know that samsung give pre-install kernel with your device. But it is not fast as compare to custom kernel, but it is very suitable for your device.

Stock kernel have might be less features as compare to custom. If you choose stock kernel then you can get only 2 multi-touch point, and also have low frequency.

2. Phoenix Kernel V5 For J2 Prime

Phoenix kernel is one of the best custom kernel for j2 prime, it have many features. It is also suitable for daily life uses and other things.

You can get high frequency level and also get 10 multi-touch points and mant more. But still this is not for gamming, we can try to build better.

Apart from that, you can easily handle you touch without any lag. Also you can operate high graphics app, you can get 1.60GHZ over-clocked frequeny. Over-clocked will help you to get extra performance to run high graphics app.

1. Turbo Kernel V5.8 For J2 Prime

Turbo kernel one of the best ever kernel for j2 prime, you can fell free to use this kernel for gamming as well as daily life. Turbo is verypowerfull kernel that help you to increase your device performance into next level.

You can get little bit more features as compare to stock and phoenix kernel. Turbo kernel have many version like v1, v2, .. v5.8. But i recommended you to choose v5.8 because it is latest one. Also you can get different specification in all turbo versions.

In v5.8, you can get 5 multi-touch points with 1.69GHZ over-clocked, it might be help you to boost up your device. But if you want to play games in your j2 prime device then you can choose turbo. It help you to play your game faster and smoothe.

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