Top Best Magisk Modules For 2022

Hello, today I am goanna to show you top best magisk module that you should try it. Magisk is a system less rot frame-work, that helps to develop your phones into the next level. You can easily download numerous of magisk module, it’s made your like easy. But it will be supported only on rooted devices.

As you know that magisk give you power to super-right user, it means you have power to change or modified anything in your device. It also provides numerous of module to download; you can easily customize your device with the help of magisk modules.

What Is Magisk and how it will work

Magisk is a system-less root framework, that will give you to root your device with magisk patched. It’s helps you to modified in your device, it’s supports numerous of modules.

Magisk modules are work in only rooted device, and that device must be rooted with magisk. You can also use any bank app and other private app, because magisk give an option to hide apps into your root directory.

01 Edxposed

Edxposed is one of the best modules, you can easily change apps behaviors with exposed. It will give an option to change apps behaviors without touching that app, it will also be supported on android pie and Q.

As you know that multiple modules can change some part of the app, but this will change full part that you want to change it. You can also add content delivery network (CDN) to optimize app loading speed.

This module is great because it means that module can work different version and even rom without any changes. You can simply download it from module section and install it.

02 Viper4you

If you are love music and want to play with bold sound, so this module is very useful for you. Viper4you is one of the best sound increaser modules, that help you to increase your mobile speaker sound with some extra bits.

That’s also work on low end device, viper4you provide 2x extra sound of your mobile speaker. It also helps you to increase your game sound, if you are game lover, so that is also very helpful for you.

Here are some unique features

Increase sound

Bold over Dolby Sound

03 Nfs-injector

If you want to increase ram performance and gameplay performance, so nfs-injector is the best option you. It provides everything that you want in your device, it also supports clean up ram performance.

If you want to install this, so you need to root your device because it accesses root permission. It helps you to make your device faster and smoother.

That is the best option for low end devices because it also saves your mobile battery life, it’s helps you to clear more ram and clean up junk file in your device.

04 Audio modification and library

Audio modification and library is a comfortable framework that allow to system less integration with multiple audio sound. That is really good for those users that want to modified audio library.

It just replaces your audio framework without touch any apps, it works on rooted device. It also modified your library section, and after you will get something new in your audio section.

That also provide some templates to change your audio apk layout and design, this is best option for low end device.

05 L-speed

L-speed will help you to boost up ram performance, it also saves your battery during game play. Those who have low end device, so I recommended you to choose l-speed.

It will work on magisk, if you want to use then you need root permission with magisk. It will boost up your mobile into next level.

L-speed will able to add some minor tweak in your android device kernel, it will force up to play game with lag free. You can also add some tweak on your app to fast loading.

06 Font changer

Font changer is really helpful for you that help you for change your device font easily quickly, it consists numerous of fonts. It also supports in lollipop and marshmallow devices. You are probably notice that, you may face many problems with change your font style.

Font changer will provide you to choose good design fonts and make your device awesome. But you need root access for use this application.

If you want to change your whole system font, so font changer is the best option for you. Your device must have root access.

07 Sony device dummy

As you know that Sony mobile is the very famous in the market, and many users want Sony app to install in android phone. And google Isn’t only one to publish app and many Sony app are in demand in play store that are very useful.

Many people like Sony apps like as audio player and music player and etc., that all are available on play store you can download it from there.

This module will help you to download and install exclusive latest Sony app, this module is available for download on magisk module app.

08 App systemizer

App systemizer is another little famous module, that help you to optimize your system app. This module work on terminal, so you need to download window terminal from play store.

Simply you may select any app in terminal and optimize, if you are wanted to speed your app loading time, so simply optimize that app in app systemizer.

This module is very helpful for low end device, and this module require to install magisk manager not recovery.

09 Razer lite

If you want to change your device boot animation, so razer lite is the best option for you. It will provide best boot animation and that all are looking good.

Razer lite will provide you many boot animations and layout, and you can easily download it from magisk manager app. It will provide numerous of animations and that all are free.