Turbo Kernel V5.2 For J2 Prime

Hello viewers, I am going to show you one of the best gaming kernels and android kernels, a turbo kernel for the j2 prime device. That also supports five touchpoints because many users want to get five touchpoints in a turbo kernel.

That is best for daily life usages because this is sufficiently stable for use in our everyday life. Also, developers are thinking to increase performance through overclocking.

As you know that after overclocked any kernel, they become unresponsive. That produces many errors like a device heating problem, sometimes, lag in gameplay, etc.

But in this turbo kernel v5.2, you cannot fell these types of problems. You can easily highly be optimized in high graphics gaming like an unknown player battleground and Garena free fire etc.

Why Turbo 1.60 GHZ OverClocked?

As you already know, the developers are previously announced. Turbo kernel comes with overclocked up to 1.60 GHz. Also, touchpoints are increased up to 5 sensors.

Turbo kernel overclocked up to 1.60 GHz because many users in j2 prime are gamer. They play high graphics games like a PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, as you know that j2 prime is a shit device; after playing these types of games, the method starts producing lag.

And you cannot accurately access your game, but sometimes the device is frize during gameplay; also, touchpoints are freeze like a stooped working.

Many users already know that the j2 prime device is a mid-range device. Also, the processor is very weak, and the internal space is not functional. But developers are trying to build better to give more performance.

Many users want to turbo kernel v6 with 1.70GHZ Frequency overclocked, and we are testing unknown player battleground, free fire also with turbo v6, it’s from the very smooth performance without any heating and lag. It is better as compare to turbo v5.2.

What’s New

In this version, we have improved some significant changes as an overclock and touchpoints, etc. You don’t feel any lag problem during play high graphic games like PUBG MOBILE, Grenna Free fire, etc.

Turbo Kernel V5.2

Some changes in touch and improvement, also we have improved some minor changes in bits.

We also provide kernel source, because some of my fellow friends’ slang want to learn about turbo product enhancement.

1 thought on “Turbo Kernel V5.2 For J2 Prime”

  1. Dear sir,
    I use j2 prime for daily use and i am not a gamer. I try your kernel and i think it’s awesome.

    Sorry if too much asking, i wonder if you can add a little more feature like f2fs support for more boost, and natively init.d support.

    If you need me for testing, i will be glad to help you.

    Best regard

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