Turbo Kernel V7 For J2 Prime

Hello view, today i am going to show you turbo kernel v7 for j2 prime device. As you know that there turbo kernel already have many version, but v7 is the latest one.

This kernel support upto 10 touch points and we also increase GHZ frequency level. You can discover more features after install.

Linux kernel releases

The Linux kernel uses a release model that differs substantially from standard AOSP releases. With the release of the 2.6 kernel in December of 2003, the kernel developer community switched from the previous model of having a separate development and stable kernel branch, and moved to a stable only branch model.

In this model, a new release occurred every 2 to 3 months, and that release was declared stable and recommended for all users to run. This change in development model was due to the very long release cycle prior to the 2.6 kernel (almost 3 years), and the struggle to maintain two different branches of the codebase at the same time.

Turbo Kernel V7

The numbering of the kernel releases began at 2.6.x, where x was an incrementing number that changed on every release (the value of the number has no meaning, other than it is newer than the previous kernel release). The kernel version since then has now moved to 4.x accounting for 2 major version changes. These version numbers are chosen by the maintainer(s) only to avoid confusion among users caused by higher minor release numbers.

3 thoughts on “Turbo Kernel V7 For J2 Prime”

  1. works great for my g532f grand prime plus
    but the cpu is clocked at 1.4 it’s the default clock speed
    the v5.8 of the kernel is clocked at 1.69
    but the v7 has a faster booting speed
    i wish u focus on gpu overclocking
    keep the development alive

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