Turbo Stock Kernel For J2 Prime

Hello dear, I am Deepak Singh and after long time I will build one more kernel that is turbo stock kernel for j2 prime. As you already know that I launched many custom kernel and that’s all are work fine with superior performance.

But many j2 prime users want stock kernel with 5 multi-touch, today I am happy to launching turbo stock kernel for j2 prime.

It just build it to stock source and increase only multi-touch upto 5 and we also add some stuff that’s help to increase your device performance upto next level.

What’s  some great stuff added in turbo stock kernel

As I already mention in above I add some great thing to make it faster and smoother. So, we are increase multi-touch upto 5 points, in future and as requirements of users we are increases touch points upto 5 or above.

We are also added some special stuffs, you can easily find these stuffs after installing kernel. But I am sure u really like turbo stock kernel. That’s also best for gaming, and you can also play high graphics gaming and other things as you like to play.

This is really powerfull as compare to stock kernel because it made with special machine and compiler. It made with AWS cloud computing system and compiler by latest tool chain. 

I hope you really like this kernel, so if you like it kernel then please drop a comment and if  you find any bugs then comment me, I try to fix all bugs. Thanks for reading.

Turbo Stock Kernel For J2 Prime

Tested Device


SM-G562G :- ?

SM-G532M :- ?

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