Turnitin hour 1

However, Turnitin lacks available databases of works, articles, and journals. Some parts that may be plagiarized by students may not be cross-referenced by the system, because the sources have not been added to the databases yet.

Turnitin is also very expensive. For educational institutions, the software would usually cost around $2000. In 2011, only ten high schools and five universities in the Philippines avail of Turnitin. DLSU has been availing of the service since 2010 in its effort to promote academic honesty.

Department of English and Applied Linguistics Professor Neslie Tan claims that the software is constructive. “Overall, it’s helpful. But It’s been awhile since I last used it in my class. Maybe 2011-2012? My colleagues and I actually did a paper on this software,” she asserts.

Students that use Turnitin will find that they will be required to upload their documents to the program. The great thing about this is that students can upload their paper using their desktop, doc docx, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Instructors are also able to do the same and the feature is extremely useful instead of having to go the route of copying and pasting to the program.

In addition to being able to use third-party file uploading, you can use the program from your iPad. Turnitin has compatibility with the iPad so you don’t have to even turn on your computer for submitting your work and can just use their app.