ubersuggest get 1 hour

At the core of every SEO strategy lies keyword research. It is an important and essential SEO element. In fact, the keyword research process is what gets you profitable keywords. Such keywords will drive traffic to your website, thus, increasing your chances for conversions. So, where does Ubersuggest come in?

Although you are likely to link Ubersuggest to Uber at first, they are different. Unlike Uber, which offers transport services, Ubersuggest heads in a different direction. It is a content marketing tool designed for keyword research.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

It gives more access without the restrictions found in similar tools. Think about the popular keyword research tools available for use and Ubersuggest comes up the list. What makes Ubersuggest stand out is its practicality across the board. Ever since Ubersuggest got acquired by Neil Patel, it has seen tremendous changes and has gone on to adopt a brand-new user-interface. Here is how it works!

One of the best features of Ubersuggest is its keyword overview. What it lets you do is to have a peek on the way the competition uses a particular keyword. This includes the social network shares and estimated visits. Each competitor gets assigned a domain score by the overview feature to tell you how well they make use of the keyword.

This approach gives a bird-eye view on the number of sites your selected keyword has to compete with. Such information will only get you prepared and help you know your chances of excelling with certain keywords.

SEO difficulty simply measures how difficult it is for a keyword to rank on Google’s SERP. Increased difficulty simply means you will find it more difficult to rank with your keyword of choice.

This can be as a result of the activities surrounding the keyword. Also, competitors with high-traffic can be a reason why the keyword is difficult to rank. To ensure you rank easily when using high-volume keywords, you must ensure that your website is filled with quality-content around that keyword.