ubersuggest hour 2

Now the first thing if you want to use Ubersuggest cookies you should go to the Ubersuggest home page or login page then click on the Cookies Editor Extension now press the delete button from the extension and delete existing cookies now import the cookies from below.

Using cookies is very easy and using of Ubersuggest cookies is also very much easy. First, go to the google chrome extension store and download the Cookies editor and install the cookies editor extension to the browser.

Copy the cookies from the below and past to the import page now press the import button again. Now refresh to Ubersuggest page if the cookies are alive you will get access. If the cookies are dead you will not get a login. 

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I will just put the Keyword “WordPress plugin” in the query field, select target country, and my target market.

 Click on Suggest, and it will list down Keyword suggestions.

You can further click on any suggested Keyword to expand it to get more ideas and Keywords that make sense to you, simply hit the plus button, and it will add the Keyword in your list.

Especially, in the new SEO era, it’s quite easy to rank higher with a niche based Website, and Ubersuggest is certainly one best free SEO tool, which you should add to your arsenal.

As I told you, this tool is being developed under the leadership of Neil Patel, and you can expect more features in the days to come.

I will keep finding and share more such amazing tools that will help you grow your online business. If you know of more similar tools or alternatives to UberSuggest, do let me know in the comment section below.