Vibrance UX For J2 Prime | 100% STABLE

Hello, viewers today I am going to show you another great work for j2 prime. This is very special for you because one of the other best custom rom is ready to launch for the j2 prime device.

Developers are decided to port this rom into the next level for ultra-smoothness. Also, you can easily play high graphic games like a player unknown battleground mobile, Garena free fire and etc.

We are also a port dpi app for j2 prime because many users want to dpi app. This app is already pre-install in Vibrance UX, you can also watch our dpi app review on my YouTube channel.

New in Vibrance UX

Everything is different in Vibrance UX because all looks like a J5 device. You can also get a smooth performance like the next level.

It is the direct port from J5 base for j2 prime device, you can also get the dpi app to change your game resolution as you want it. It’s come with turbo kernel v5.2 up to 1.60 GHz over-clocked.

In vibrance UX also five multi-touch support, you can easily do your work with a 5-finger sensor. This rom is under beta testing because the developer is test everything in the system.


Developers have also increased the vibrance UX performance in the next level as well as turbo kernel because you know that j2 prime is the shit device you can’t use this device for the game.

But in vibrance UX you can easily play high graphics game as you like. It because performance is turbo boosting with turbo kernel.

If you are a game lover so vibrance UX is the best option for the gamer. Those who want to play games in the j2 prime device. Because there is no lag problem as well as touch frizzed problem during high graphic game playtime.

Vibrance UX is more powerful as compared to another rom for j2 prime. It is comfortable for everything like a game, customization, performance, battery backup and etc.


Developers are built one of the best kernels, which is a turbo kernel for j2 prime. This kernel supports five multitouch points, you can easily check through multi-touch tester apk. Turbo kernel is the better option for a gamer because that gives a very smooth performance during gameplay.

Turbo kernel built by Deepak Singh, and this is best for high graphic gaming like a player unknown battleground, free fire, etc. It’s run very smoothly as compare to another kernel because it supports five multi-touch points.

In turbo kernel v5.2, it is the support 1.60GHZ frequency to give extra performance. And with the help of higher frequency, we can easily play high graphics gaming. You can easily handle your kernel setting in developer option, in developer option, you can easily switch or disable any features like OEM unlock, USB debugging, and so on.


Vibrance UX supports many advanced features like multi-window, aod, multi-user and etc. You can easily switch these options in the setting menu, you can also use the data power saving option. That is also really good features for saving your internet data because it needs to reduce data saving in your device.

That is also good for high battery backup in your device, so you can easily use your device at least 6-8 hours. It is the best option to use in your daily life because there are no bugs are available. That totally bugs free rom because it is the base on j7 2018 firmware.

Vibrance UX is the best option for a gamer, daily life users, heavy users and etc. It is the more comfortable as compare to another rom like All DNA versions, super stable, hades and etc. So, I recommended you to choose the vibrance UX because everything is better than others.

  • Vibrance UX 1.1
  • Felix Rom
  • Dna Zero
  • Dna Zero Final
  • Super Stable Rom

What something new

Developers are added many new features like window scaling mode, window transacting mode, OEM unlock is work fine and etc. After installing the Vibrance, you can easily discover many more features that look amazing.

We are trying to given experience for j2 prime users like pro-level and higher devices through increasing the frequency. We notice that there is no problem generate to increasing or over-clocked the kernel frequency.

Finally, all developers are recommended you go through the vibrance UX because, it is comfortable, fast, amazing, customizing, stable and etc.

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