Vibrance UX V1.5 For J2 Prime

Hello friends, if you are looking for best custom rom for j2 prime then you land into right place. Today i am gonna to show you Vibrance Ux v1.5 for j2 prime.

As you know that vibrance ux v1 is already launched, if you want to download it then navigate this and search. In vibrance ux v1 have few bugs, so in v1.5 beta it is full stable for j2 prime.

J2 prime is low end and budget device, so it may you face some problem reagarding internal storage. But in vibrance ux, you can get lots of free space.

you can easily get upto 2.5GB free internal space, it’s based on marshmallow android version v6.

Why Vibrance UX V1.5 For J2 Prime?

Vibrance ux is the one of the best custom rom for j2 prime, it is 100% stable. You can easily use this in your daily life, also it is support high graphics games and app.

It give very smooth performance during game play time, you can easily play high graphics games like PUBG, Garena free fire and etc. We can fix lag and heating problem in this version.

It have many advanced features, you can watch our review for discover what’s new in vibrance ux v1.5. You can also discove all features after installing vibrance ux in your j2 prime.

How To Download Vibrance UX V1.5 For J2 Prime?

1. Click On download link, given in below

2. Then Unlock your download link, after that you can download vibrance ux.

If you are unable to download Vibrance Ux V1.5 for j2 prime, then watch our tutorial to download vibrance Ux v1.5

Installation Method

  1. 1. Download vibrance ux v1.5
  2. 2. Go to twrp recovery menu and wipe all data
  3. 3. Then go to install option and flash vibrance ux v1.5 ZIP file.

Get Vibrance UX V1.5

8 thoughts on “Vibrance UX V1.5 For J2 Prime”

  1. Bluetooth always turning on. Wifi always forget password if you turn it off. Settings layout just ‘weird’.
    Well please do proper test before you releasing it. And please don’t use 100% stable words on custom rom/kernel.
    Vibrance 1.0 much better imo.

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