Wordai get 2 hour

As you saw, WordAi actually does generate decent content for software. I mean, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but until computers get to a whole new level or until we learn how to gather the power of consciousness, I can’t see a machine getting an A in human language.

Content will generally maintain a good quality, but there are times when it looks spammy and needs manual editing. If WordAi “understands” content, then the tool can produce some pretty impressive output.

You have to wait 35 seconds.

The automatic spinning features of WordAi are great. But the tool does have its limitations when it comes to altering the spintax by hand.

Contents take time and high-quality content requires even more time which you may or may not have. Content is essential for any type of blog: affiliate, how-to blog, review blog or online store. It is not possible to sacrifice quality content in order save time. So what is the solution?

Google will not flag the final output as “spun content” and it is guaranteed that it is original.

It is straightforward and intuitive to use WordAi and is integrated to work with all top online marketing tools. My opinion is that WordAi provides human readable content. But the content is not very unique. Yes, it will show you an 80 or 90% uniqueness score, but you can still see that they are not so different when comparing original and spun articles.