Top 10 Cheap Drones under 100 | Features, Price, Reviews of Drones

Drones could be the major part of Today’s Generation this could be the with the Best Feature’s or best by their Built Quality. These could be second category of Second category of drones under $50. This would be the best for those who just learnt how to operate quadcopter and looking for a better upgrade to enhance it skill. As compared to the quality of 50 dollar drones. These quadcopters would have best features and better build quality than the cheaper one.

It is good to have a look on the necessary functions before making a purchase of drones. Flying and updated operating software’s with dedicated remote control which are equipped in these quadcopters could be the best decision before buying the Drones under 50 Dollars.

Drones under 100

Top 10 Cheap Drones under 100

DBPower MJX X400W

DBPower MJX x400W

The MJX X400W is an integrated aircraft with good construction quality and durability due to its flexible plastic body. Prop props will help you to avoid any damage to your drone or equipment. The red accents on the white body make an excellent design.

This drone holds well when flying. The level of ascension and turning is excellent, and it provides enough performance to satisfy even the most experienced leaflets. Even in windy conditions, the X400W shows good stability due to its 6 axis gyros. It will eventually roam easily with side winds.

FPV streaming is transmitted via Wifi, and viewed on your smartphone using the installed app. The camera can be activated using the app to record photos and videos. The HD 720p camera is decent quality, and offers sharp images and videos. However, the main purpose of the camera is not to take pictures, but to provide live streaming of FPV. This drone also comes with a 3D VR headset to give you a truly immersive FPV flight experience.

A built-in 3.7V 750 mAh battery takes approximately 2 hours to charge, and will give you up to 9 minutes of flight time, depending on how fast you are flying. If you use FPV function, this flight time will be reduced.

FPV mission puts this drone on our list of the best drones for less than 100. This drone is intended for someone who wants to get into FPV flying, but does not want to spend a lot of money.

Holy Stone F181

holy stone F181

Holy Stone F181 deserves to be on the list of the best drones for less than 100 due to its additional features that are rarely found on an inexpensive drone. It also has a few advanced features that will attract more experienced flyers.

You will be glad to know that you also get extra battery with this quadcopter. It takes about 90 minutes to charge the battery, so the extra battery is a good touch.

The controller has an LCD screen that displays important information such as battery life, width, and cutting adjustments. The acceleration power is also expressed in the form of a percentage. The controller also has a return button. Press this and the flight will return to you. This is not a common feature on the drone at this price point. The 2MP camera on the F181 has 720p resolution and can take pictures with 1280 x 720 resolution.

There are four types of flight modes, which can be adjusted when flying. As you increase weight, the drone sensitivity response increases. This gives you a faster response rate and higher drone power. There’s a fun flip mode that allows for amazing air acrobatics. This drone also has altitude capture mode.

Photos taken by these drones are not exactly high quality. There will be jitter in the videos, and the photos can be better. If you are looking for a quality image drone, you should find something to bet on

Hubsan X4 H107D

hubsan XR H107D

This quadcopter is a friendly and cost-effective FPV drone. You get access to the world of FPV quadcopter without breaking the bank.

This drone has a unique design that sets it apart from other drones. There are two LED headlights on the front and rear as well as front and rear props with different colors. This helps to track the free flight of aircraft while flying, and allows you to fly a drone at night.

This is a very airless plane in terms of size and size. It goes very well with doors, but can be taken unless the winds are very low. Although small, it can be easily controlled and can fly vigorously. It is also hard to crash, but you may need to change the propeller from time to time. Using prop guards only increases its durability.

The controller comes with a built-in LCD watch screen built into that to provide FPV streaming. This eliminates the need for you to mount your smartphone in the controller. The camera does not deliver HD quality videos and photos, but it does a decent job.

The maximum control width is up to 100m. It doesn’t even come back to home mode, so make sure you don’t fly out too far. Comes with altitude capture, which is different from a drone.

This drone is not the fastest drone available, but it does this with its excellent flight stability. This is the first beautiful drone aircraft in FPV flying.



This drone feels a little easier when you hold it, but don’t let that fool you. The body and integrated prop guards are made of thin plastic, which helps to lose weight, and flexibility allows the frame to absorb impacts.

Aerospace helicopters provide improved flight stability that makes the drone fly easier. This drone has low speed mode for beginners, as well as advanced mode for experienced pilots.

This drone is based on a few years old construction, so it has no function of holding the height. However, it includes a headless mode and a single key return to the driver function. It can also make a turn by pressing a button, which is fun to watch and do. To help with nighttime flying, this drone has blue LEDs on the front, and red LEDs on the back.

This drone comes with extra battery, and you can get up to 9 minutes of flight time with a single battery charge.

The HD 720p camera included in this drone provides photos and videos in 1280 x 720 resolution. Image quality is average. There are no FPV live video feeds, so photos and videos are stored on the SD card.

This drone does not have all the latest features found in current drone designs, but it offers an amazing value. This drone is one that lasts a long time, and is well suited for beginners.

Holy Stone HS200

Holy Stone HS200

The Holy Stone HS200 is a perfect fit for those looking for a ready-to-fly, ready-to-fly aircraft. This drone has a 2 MP camera with advanced features such as back home, high altitude, and one take off and seat button. This amazing drone does not sacrifice quality and entertainment at a reasonable price.

The installed 3.7V 650 mAh battery takes about an hour to charge, and will give you up to 9 minutes of flight time. You can extend your flying adventure by purchasing additional batteries. The controller will give you a control distance of up to 120m, but is limited to 50m if FPV mode is active. This still allows you to take intermediate videos.

The 2 megapixel 720p camera allows you to stream, and record videos and photos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. You can also use your smartphone alone to directly control the HS200.

This quadcopter has four types of speed available, so it will be suitable for all levels of flight experience. This drone has amazing features at an affordable price. Along with its features, this beautiful-looking drone with a red body focused on a dark black propeller. This is a great drone if you are looking to get into FPV Drone flying, and capture decent airtime photos and videos.

Syma X5C-1 Explorers

Syma X5UW

The Syma X5C-1 is a great choice for new drone drivers, and is one of the best drones for less than $ 100 you can buy. Includes a profile of a stable plane, with good speed and a full range of motion. This is a beautiful quality drone, and very fun to fly.

With its excellent performance of the aircraft, you will find that this drone is also quieter than most. The closed bottom battery area gives the X5C-1 a nice look, without the bad battery cord coming out.

The X5C-1 comes with an additional propeller set, a 500 mAh 3.7V battery with USB charger, screwdriver, transmitter, micro SD card reader, 4GB SD card, and manual.

You can expect to get about 8 minutes of flight. However, using prop guards, and opening the camera will reduce flight time to 5 minutes.

This drone comes with standard top and bottom modes. In the low-speed system, the drone is easy to control and suitable for beginners who are learning to fly. For more information on tracts that need to go faster, simply switch to advanced mode. You can also make a change by pressing a button.

The drone is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera capable of capturing 720p videos. The camera takes decent pictures and videos considering its low cost. This drone makes a good trainer who can crash repeatedly without worrying about damaging the quadcopter.

Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture

The Syma X8C has good performance at an affordable price. What makes this drone affordable is its use of brushed motor, fixed gimbal camera, and no additional advanced features. Despite the lack of features, the Syma X8C is a well-designed drone.

The Syma X8C is actually a great version of the Syma X5C with the addition of headless mode. Both drones have the same flight performance and reaction. The X8C flies easily, moves smoothly, and responds to control commands without delay.

The X8C’s large size and weight make it extremely durable. This stability makes the X8C a great choice for aerial photography. Powerful non-powered motors provide enough momentum to allow for the possibility of a GoPro camera. However, be aware that it may reduce engine life due to overload.

Headless mode is a good feature for drone beginners. This allows you to fly a drone without having to worry about which way to go. When a drone flies away, you may lose information about its position. Activating header mode will allow you to restore the drone to you.

Whether this drone does not have a gimbal camera, or camera vibration, the X8C can take reasonable quality photos and videos. The camera is split when you do not plan to take pictures.
The Syma X8C is a good choice for those looking for a toy-grade quadcopter that can also serve as an aerial photography platform.

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX

The design of the Blade Nano QX is very impressive. Its dark body, with accents and colorful props gives it a very sporty look. The prop guards have a minimal design, but they work very well.

This drone is very fast, but also SAFE technology that reduces input control speed and will automatically move the quad. Stability mode uses SAFE, while the agility mode closes this and gives you a stronger and harder flight experience. This makes QX ideal for new pilots.

You can expect a 7 minute flight time with each battery charge. It takes about 40 minutes to charge the battery, so having extra batteries is necessary to increase your flight time. This drone is designed to fly into a house. Flying in the dark is also possible with LED front and rear lights.

Due to the small size of the drone, it does not react well in windy conditions. The best flight into the house. However, you can fly outside in calm conditions. There is no camera on this drone, and it does not support mounting the camera on its body.

The Blade Nano QX is one of the best less than 100 drones available without a camera. Not only is it fun to fly, but it is very responsive. SAFE aviation technology provides a smooth and stable aircraft.

Syma X5UW

Syma X5UW

The X5UW drone has a new design compared to previous versions of the Syma X5. The transmitter has also been redesigned. The red color of the candy gives it a refined look. Shorter stop legs reduce the chance of the airless plane flying overhead.

This drone also has an interlocking battery design that eliminates the need for a battery door, as well as bad connecting cables. This eliminates the possibility of damaging the battery cord while pushing it into the battery area before closing the door. Now you just need to slide the battery, then click it in place.

Prop guards were also redesigned. In this drone, there is an entry design that eliminates the need for small screws. The camera has a twist design and lock that hides the camera cord inside the locking mechanism.

The Syma X5UW has standard lower and upper models. It also has a headless mode, one button departure and arrival, and capture altitude. The drone also has waypoint navigation, as well as accelerometer control.

Waypoint navigation is not as refined as the GPS navigation found on the most advanced drones. You are using the Syma GO application to configure the drone path. This is the only XY planar route, which leaves the height control available to the driver.

By controlling the accelerometer, you are using your smartphone as a controller. Moving your phone in rotation and tilting will cause the drone to respond.

The new camera and body design justifies the position of the X5UW on my leading drones under the 100 list.