Quadcopter Syma XGHG Review

Quadcopter Syma XGHG Review

Introduction To Syma XGHG

We give the Syma X8HG review in this piece, covering all of its advantages and disadvantages. The quadcopter community was eagerly anticipating the introduction of this quadcopter. The DJI Phantom 3 was the cheapest quadcopter available at the time of its release, allowing you to produce decent aerial films and images. The Syma X8HG drone costs less than half as much and is a good alternative to more expensive camera drones.

The X8HG, on the other hand, is in no way comparable to a fully equipped aerial drone with brushless motors and a gimbal-stabilized camera. It’s still a good step up for people upgrading from inexpensive camera drones.

With the inclusion of altitude hold, the Syma X8HG model has been updated from the X8G. Everything else about this quadcopter, including the camera and transmitter, is essentially the same as the X8G.

Flight Time and Battery

A 7.4V 2000mAh 2S LiPo battery powers the Syma X8HG. Without the camera turned on, you may expect a 10-minute flight duration, and even less with it turned on. This is also dependent on how aggressively you fly, which will cut down on the amount of time you spend flying. Because the battery takes around 2 hours to charge, extra batteries are recommended.

For a so-called camera drone, the control range of this quadcopter is a bit surprising. You’ll only be able to fly this quadcopter out to a distance of 100 metres.

The Photographer

This drone’s camera can shoot 720p or 1080p films at 30 frames per second. Still photos with a resolution of 8 Megapixels can be captured. Given the drone’s modest price, you’ll be surprised at how amazing the image quality is. It’s hardly GoPro quality, but it’ll do the job.

A fast release connector is used to attach the camera to the drone. A connecting cord provides both power and camera control. The gimbal is fixed, and there is no way to alter the camera’s pointing. Some rubber dampers can be beneficial which helps to reduce image jitter.

You’ll be delighted with the camera’s image quality, especially given you’re upgrading from a toy drone with a mediocre camera. Sharp images are possible because to the high colour saturation and good contrast. The white balance could be a little better.

When shooting airborne footage, wind conditions must be taken into account, which is where a good gimbal comes in handy. The X8HG’s fixed gimbal makes it more suited to taking still shots rather than movies.

Despite having an excellent camera, this drone does not offer a live video broadcast like FPV drones. This means that framing photos can be difficult, and it may take several tries to acquire the right shot.

Flight Performance 

The Syma X8HG, like other well-designed Syma quadcopters, is exceptionally stable to fly and easy to control. The altitude hold allows for easier throttle control and makes flying this quadcopter much easier for beginners. When altitude hold is enabled, you can concentrate on taking movies rather than flying. To keep the imaging target in view, roll and pitch motions might be performed.

As the name implies, altitude hold is a feature that helps the drone to keep a steady altitude. Barometric pressure sensors are used to do this. You will not lose flying agility if altitude hold is enabled.

This drone also offers a headless mode, which is ideal for first-time drone pilots. This drone also features a 360-degree flip function, which is surprising. When you flip a drone, it loses height and cannot recover. Performing this manoeuvre with a camera fitted on a large drone like the X8HG can be difficult. It’s not a good idea to activate the flip mode while the altitude hold mode is on.

The X8HG’s large size has some advantages. In light to moderate winds, it is extremely stable.

Final Verdict – Syma XGHG

With the addition of altitude hold, the Syma X8HG is a decent upgrade to the X8G. The X8HG is an excellent choice for people wishing to upgrade to a quality image capturing drone without paying a high price. For a reasonable price, you will receive very good image quality.

There are some flaws, such as the lack of an FPV view, which makes framing shots difficult. The camera picture jitter is not well reduced by the fixed gimbal. However, you are not paying a high price for the X8HG, which compensates for these flaws.