Turbo Kernel V5.8 For J2 Prime

Hello viewers, I am going to show you one of the best android kernels, that one is a turbo kernel for j2 prime. That also supports five touchpoints because many users want to get five touchpoints in a turbo kernel.

That is best for daily life usages because this is sufficiently stable for use in our everyday life. Also, developers are thinking to increase performance through overclocking.

As you know that after the overclocked android kernel, they become unresponsive, and that produces many errors like a device heating problem, lag in gameplay, and many more.

But in the turbo kernel v5.2, you cannot fell these types of problems. You can efficiently highly be optimizing in high graphics gaming like an unknown player battleground, free fire, and many more.

Turbo 1.60 GHz Overclocked

The turbo kernel developer is previously announcing, which comes with overclocked up to 1.60 GHz. Also, touchpoints are increasing up to 5 sensors.

Turbo kernel overclocked up to 1.60 GHz because many users in j2 prime are gamer. They play high graphics games like a PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, as you know that j2 prime is a shit device; after playing these types of games, then your phone starts producing overheat, lag, and many more.

And you cannot accurately assess your game, but sometimes the device is frize during gameplay; also, touchpoints are freeze like a stooped working.

J2 prime device is a mid-range device. Also, the processor is very weak, and the internal space is not functional. But developers are trying to build turbo kernel to give more performance.

Many users want to turbo kernel v6 with 1.70GHZ Frequency overclocked, and we are testing it with turbo v6; it’s gives a very smooth performance without any heating and lag. It is better as compare to turbo v5.2.

What’s New

In this version, we have improved some significant changes as an overclock and touchpoints, etc. You don’t feel any lag problem during play high graphic games like PUBG MOBILE, Grenna Free fire, etc.

Some changes in touch and improvement, also we have improved some minor changes in bits.

Fix Storage Problem

The stock ROM is booing because looking is not right, icons are wrong, and many more. OK Without Wasting Time Let’s Start Now. First, we are providing Some Information about phone storage. We are Know that Samsung gives only 3Gb Internal Storage in J2 Prime Device.

And this is shallow Storage because you are unable to play or run a very High Graphic Game within 3GB Storage. In j2 prime device. Everybody facing one of the most significant Problems And that One is internal Storage.

You must have a class 10 SD card because it gives extra speed. Another one is your device must be rooted because, in the rooted phone, that works perfectly.

OEM Bug’s

We all know about OEM bug’s, and it needs to fix because the OEM option is necessary to open the bootloader. If your OEM is off, so there a lot of chance to goes your device into a hard brick.

Developers already fix this OEM bug’s, and we are on permanently on that option, it is necessary to open bootloader.

Developers are fixed all the major and minor bugs, and users can easily use it in your daily life. But can’t play high graphic games like an unknown player battleground, because sometimes touch is frize.

Turbo Kernel V5.8 For J2 Prime

One more thing you notice that during the using phoenix kernel. That one is a lag issue, and sometimes touch is not work, we are almost trying to fix it. If you face any bugs, so kindly report me through the comment.