Jio Digital Rom For J2 Prime

We are happy to say that almost the rom is ready. Our team is trying porting for all devices. And you can also see our Rom review, and Rom name is magic OS v2.0, which depends on ios13, and this is one of the best bases because ios are a prevalent device. Here are some images in magic OS v2.0 and also add a review of features Rom you can watch and enjoy our upcoming Rom. And our team target to porting this Rom in 2020

What’s New

Theme store 100% working.

Modded theme store for paid themes.

Modded Samsung in-call UI latest

Radio 100% working.

System latest signal and dual-mode.

Samsung music latest.

New miui10 volume pannel.


Magisk manager for root.

Samsung video player latest.

And many more features available…





USB debugging.


Here We Have Introduced Some Important Note of this Rom Read Out

Suppose You Are Using Custom Rom Read out the Information Carefully. And read all about Jio Digital Rom to join our telegram group. And read, and if you have any questions, please comment. Our team will reply shortly. OK, enough intro, let dig. So today, I am talking about jio digital Rom. OK, so start now, first of all, we are talking about this Rom. The base is a3 2017 base, and we know that this is ported to the j2 prime device.

And if you are using a j2 p device, you are using this Rom. We are talking about the features of this Rom; there are many features in this Rom mention above. And we define our Rom features of jio Rom base on  A3 2017. AOD, we are talking about Aod. What is aod many people want to aod, and this is the best feature in this Rom. We know that aod is for his device; this is a port for j2 prime device. And we are also learning how to use aod our j2 prime. The user is very talented, so we are talking about the next feature.

Unique Features 

The blue light filter we know that blue light filter is also known as a dark mode. And we are using the light filter at night for reading. And other and the red dragon ports this. I fully credit to red dragon of these features.

And our next feature is system moded by star53—the best UI of this Rom. And gave so many features of this UI you can read in above we are control and design through Rom control and design our phone and our system UI. That is dual clock and animations, effect, and so other.

How VoLTE Works

We know that volte is a voice HD calling to almost many countries like India, UK, France, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. But many countries are support voLTE like Mexico, Argentina, and so on. But VoLte is a great feature. And we know that this first port Rom to support volte features.

Theme Store I know Samsung is not providing a theme store in stock Rom. But our j2 prime developers are ported theme store with 100% working. And first, launch with enigma Rom, and this is port by ShaDisNX255. Theme store is 100% working in this Rom. So, we are talking about our next features.

 JIO Digital

Latest ROM control if you are using this Rom currently. You can see our new room control. And this is incredible RC of this Rom port by star53. 

MIUI 10 volume panel, we are introduced to a mini 10 volume panel. And this is a fantastic port by ale cot. We are port this for all devices, and I already install this panel of this ROM. And this looks like a miui ten port and in features. I try to port pie volume panel fo j2 prime devices and all devices.

If you are using custom ROM, read out this.

Why we are using custom, the answers are we are using custom ROM for better performance, design, using advanced features. And better battery life, better performance, best professionalization. And using advanced features, etc

Designing and Professionalization

We know that we are using custom ROM. For better design and personalize and for best design. I recommended EnigmaNl rom because this is all in one Rom in all situations we are using this in ordinary life in everyday life our team is provided the best kernel in this Rom. Name is Phoenix kernel Because this supports ten multi-touch that is best for gaming, and better performance provides the best quality and Quantity. We know that we are using custom Rom for better design and personalize.

Samsung OneUi

Jio Digital Rom For J2 Prime

And for best design, I recommended installing EnigmaNl Rom. Because this is all in one Rom in all situations, we are using this in ordinary life, and our team is provided the best kernel in this Rom name is Phoenix kernel. Because this supports ten multi-touch. and That is best for gaming and better performance, provide the best quality and Quantity. Space and storage many people like more space in your device. Especially in cheap price phones like j2 prime, galaxy grand prime plus, j2 ace and so on.

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