Quadcopter 3DR Solo Review

Introduction 3DR Solo 

Quadcopter 3DR Solo Review

The 3DR Solo is a cutting-edge quadcopter that is sure to please even the most seasoned drone operators. At the touch of a few buttons, you can capture Hollywood-style movie footage. This drone’s fit, finish, quality, and construction are outstanding. This drone has a matte black finish that makes it incredibly sleek and attractive. Colored LED lights are mounted on each arm of the drone to aid with visual orientation. You can also change the hue of the LED lights according to your preferences. The landing gear is not completely rigid, and it flexes to ease landings.

When you receive your new 3DR Solo quadcopter, we know you’ll be excited to turn it on and take it for a spin. Take some time to run through the level and compass calibration procedure. This will keep the drone level as it hovers and flies.

Drone Controller

An onboard microprocessor in the controller acts as a communications hub between the drone and your smartphone or tablet. A spring-loaded attachment on the controller may hold a smartphone or a 7-inch tablet.

The control sticks are used to move forward, backwards, and strafe, with the left for yaw and elevation and the right for forward, backwards, and strafing. The A and B buttons on the controller can be set for different flight modes. A dedicated back to home button is available. Automatic takeoff and landing are controlled via the fly button. Any alarms or warnings will be displayed on a small display screen in the middle of the controller.

There is no direct connection between your smartphone or tablet and the controller. As a result, a wifi hotspot is used to establish the connection.

So you connect to the drone using your smart device’s wifi. Of course, if you fly your drone too far away from the 3DR Solo, the signal strength will deteriorate and you may lose contact. You avoid any complications, make sure to update the default wifi password.

Flight Time and Battery

You may expect roughly 20 minutes of flight duration with the battery fully charged. The battery will take roughly an hour to fully charge.

Camera Facilities

The drone does not include a camera, but it is meant to work with a GoPro camera. This drone is advertised as being completely compatible with a GoPro camera as well 3DR solo. However, you can’t use the drone to take GoPro footage. You can take a screenshot of the image and video being displayed on your tablet or smartphone. You also can’t use the remote to switch on the GoPro camera. It must be manually turned on before it can be used to capture photographs. The streamed live video from the GoPro to your smart device, on the other hand, is still a nice feature.

Drone Performance 

It’s not tough to fly this drone. You’re ready to fly this drone after watching the 20-minute 3DR Solo flight training videos. There are several pre-programmed flight modes on this drone. The drone flies towards you in selfie mode from preset positions A and B for a dramatic image. In cable cam, the drone moves from point A to point B as if the camera were sliding along a cable, as the name suggests. The orbit mode instructs the drone to circle the controller at a predetermined distance while maintaining the camera’s focus on you. In follow mode, the drone follows the user.

Final Words – 3DR Solo 

This is the drone for you if you want to take aerial footage with your GoPro. Learning to fly this drone takes little to no time. In addition, the clever onboard flight computer will ensure that your GoPro camera is not damaged as of the 3DR Solo.