Quadcopter Walkera F210 Review

Quadcopter Walkera F210 Review

Drones, particularly racing models, are a lot of fun. A large variety of models have been launched to the market as a result of the expanding drone technology. A good racing drone should have a lot of features and be well-designed. For racing drones, flight performance is critical. People are also on the lookout for drones that are simple to operate. The Walkera F210 is a high-performance model developed for racing. Continue reading to learn more about the Walkera F210.

Quadcopter Walkera F210 Review

The quick flight performance of the F210 makes it ideal for adventure and sporting activities. It has a strong and cash-proof design. The structure is made up of a particular airframe that is extremely durable. The use of powerful motors ensures a consistently high level of performance. It has a variety of flying modes. This model is capable of acrobatics in the air. In addition, the battery life is exceptional. It’s a high-performance model that’s perfect for FPV racers. This topic focuses on product features that are categorised.


Everything on the Walkera F210 is plug-and-play compatible, thanks to its modular design. The primary power board is connected to the ESC through a slotted pin arrangement. Connecting cables are no longer required. The racer is 210 mm apart from the motor shafts. The props on this model are 5-inches long. The frontal sections are composed of aluminium while the frame is built of carbon fibre. This keeps pieces from shattering following a crash.

A flight controller and circuit system are installed on a specialised board in the inside. This board houses the FPV transmitter as well as an on-screen display. This protects vital components from the outside world. The frame’s outside edges are additionally protected by the plastic motor guards.

Because the ESCs are hooked into the main body, they can be readily removed. You can easily unscrew them and replace them.

It has LEDs on both the back and the front. The ones on the back have a different colour scheme. The horizontal status bar is divided into four zones, each with two red and six yellow LEDs. They show whether the copter is armed or unarmed, as well as how it moves. When flying in dimly lit locations, this capability comes in helpful. On the on-screen display, you can see the battery state. A switch beneath the screen can be used to turn it on and off. The Walkera F210 has a 200 MW VTX on the back. A CloverLeaf 5.8G Mushroom Antenna supports video transmission. It has an extremely slim and small design.

Flight Time and Battery

The 4S type 1300mAh battery is used to power this drone. 14.8 volts is the standard rating. This is sufficient to keep a race engine going. With a single charge, it lasts between 7 and 9 minutes. This is dependent on the flight style and aggressiveness of the flight. It takes a long time to charge the non removable battery. When the voltage falls below a certain level, a buzzer beeps.


The Walkera F210 is equipped with an HD camera that can focus in low light. The camera is equipped with low-light technology, allowing the quadcopter to fly invisibly at night. It makes use of 120-degree super-vision lenses to provide a larger field of view. Depending on your favourite flying style, it includes multiple recording modes.

Even in dimly lit locations, this camera gives detailed image information. This allows you to race the drone at any moment while maintaining top performance.

Photosensitive sensors are used to automatically modify display settings. By removing tiny changes, it provides more concentration. This camera is ideal for those who enjoy capturing the most up-to-date and fast-moving photographs.


The F3 Flight Controller is included with this model. It can be linked to the clean fight programme on your computer. This allows you to fine-tune and calibrate the controller based on PID flight modes. Because the controller is pre-tuned, it can be used right out of the box. Experts, on the other hand, can set their own flight control parameters.

The racing controller is split into two parts. Either a DEVO 7 or a DEVO 10 are available. The latter has a colour display as well as extra options. When you only require basic capabilities like Expo and Dual Rate, the DEVO 7 model is ideal. This universal transmitter is capable of handling a wide range of aircraft movements. For flight control, you can also use a variety of additional options. Using the 3-position mix, you can simply switch between different flight modes. The controller settings are displayed on the LCD panel.

Three flight modes are available on the F210. Advanced, intermediate, and stabilise are the three levels. For novices starting to operate the drone, the default stabilise mode is ideal. The intermediate mode is capable of a variety of spectacular rolls. After you’ve accumulated enough experience, you’ll be able to use the advanced mode. It is suggested for racing competitions. Experts have the ability to change between any of these modes.

This drone is extremely manoeuvrable and steady. Walkera F210 reacts quickly to commands. When you reduce the throttle to its lowest setting, the motors come to a near-instant halt. With full power, it can achieve 80 km/h and travel up to 800 metres.

Packages and accessories

A trainer cable is also included in the kit for use with the transmitter. A balanced battery charger is also included. One set of extra propellers is available, with two CW and two CCW designs. A propeller wrench and two hex keys are included in the package for installation. A battery anti-sliding rubber band is also supplied. A micro USB data cable is included, as well as a quick start guide. The latter allows you to experiment with drone settings and attach different parts.

The Walkera F210 racing quad is available in a variety of configurations. The ARF kit does not include a battery, transmitter, or OSD module. The battery is included in the BNF kit, however there is no transmitter. A Devo 7 transmitter is included with the whole kit.

Final Words – Quadcopter Walkera F210 

The Walkera F210 appears to be both compact and tough. It is agile, stable, quick, and easy to control. The beeping sounds and LED lights create a seamless flying experience. It has a large battery that lasts a long time. Accessories for charging are also included. Even in dark and cloudy conditions, the camera captures greater details. There are several modes that are compatible with various lighting circumstances.

You have a choice of two dependable controllers. This drone is extremely responsive, allowing you to perform a variety of stunts. It also includes long-distance travel. F210 is available in three packages, each of which is simple to set up and use. This stylish and strong FPV drone is well worth the money.